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De Marco wedding guest dress. Airy floral dresses

Cocktail airy floral dresses perfect for a summer wedding for a guest.

A special event is approaching – a wedding that promises to be a magical and joyful moment. As a guest, you are keen to find the right dress to highlight your style and evoke the admiration of the other attendees at this extraordinary party.

What are the fashionable dresses for a wedding in 2023?

Airy floral dresses from De Marco branded women’s clothing.

De Marco sukienka na wesele dla gościa. Zwiewne sukienki w kwiaty

In 2023, fashionable dresses for weddings are mainly those with a light, airy cut, ideal for summer celebrations. They will float gently in the air, adding to your confidence and femininity. The design of the dresses is dominated by romantic florals, which give the whole look a subtle charm. Floral dresses are a real must-have for weddings this year.

We sew light and airy floral dresses in every size small and large.

De Marco dresses XL and XXL

What to wear to a wedding in 2023?

De Marco floral dress for a wedding

It is important to choose dresses that reflect your style and enhance your natural beauty. When choosing a dress for your wedding, you can focus on on-trend cuts such as midi cocktail dresses or summer libation mini dresses. These casual cocktail styles for summer are suitable for many different occasions. From weddings if you’re acting as a guest, or the other day for the mother of the bride and groom, through meetings with friends in the garden, afternoon cocktails out on the town, walks on the beach to shopping and styling for work.

De Marco sukienka w kwiaty na wesele. Sklep internetowy polskie letnie sukienki

A romantic southern style dress that harkens back to summer vibes and adds lightness to the overall look. Perfect for a holiday trip, a weekend spa trip or an all-inclusive holiday. De Marco floral dress for weddings, holidays and summer work.

Polish airy floral dresses for summer Online Shop .

Light airy dresses for summer perfect for wedding receptions, holidays, holidays, summer gatherings with friends in the garden.

Dress floral dress for wedding is it appropriate for a wedding mum to go to her son or daughter’s wedding in a floral dress?

It depends on which flowers we are talking about and what fabrics and for which day of the ceremony. The parents of the bride and groom have a representative role on the first day of the wedding and styling for the ceremony should be formal. Remember that Jet is an important day in the life of the whole family and as the mother and mother-in-law of the wedding, we should welcome our guests with chondras. Therefore, for the first day of the wedding, for the blessing and the wedding ceremony, we can wear a floral creation, but they should be, embroidered or jacquard. When it comes to prints, they should be handled extremely carefully. To make styling with printed fabric look formal, it should be displayed in moderation. From here, a single colour muted composition is necessary to give a classic elegance.

Elegancki komplet dla mamy wesela bluzka ze spódnicą

Elegant set for the mother of the wedding blouse with skirt tailor-made at the De Marco Fashion Showroom. A light airy blouse with a pencil skirt is the perfect styling for a wedding reception, and successfully composed in such a way, the floral fabric will look good at your son’s or daughter’s wedding.

It should definitely not be a cocktail dress with printed florals, in which we can go to “auntie’s naming day” for work and shopping.

As far as the second day is concerned, it is practical and a good choice. Particularly when you plan it in the garden with your closest family members.

Floral cocktail dress for mum of the wedding the other day. Party with friends and family in the garden.

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How to dress for a wedding at 40?

Airy wedding dresses for 30 year olds, 40 year olds. The most fashionable one-shoulder dresses. Light airy floral styles tailored at De Marco.

Polish dresses for weddings are the perfect choice for those who appreciate quality workmanship and unique design. Polish clothing brands offer a wide selection of dresses that impress with their unique style and precision workmanship.

If you are in your 40s, choose a dress that emphasises your maturity and confidence. You can opt for a dress with a classic cut that fits your figure perfectly. Accessories such as elegant jewellery or trendy stilettos will help to emphasise your unique style.

De Marco online shop with branded Polish dresses .

Unique dresses for weddings

Airy dresses for a wedding

It’s also worth bearing in mind the comfort of the dress. Airy dresses for weddings are an excellent choice, ensuring freedom of movement and comfort throughout the ceremony. Light and airy materials will make you feel great even on warm summer days.

 Długa sukienka w kwiaty na wesele stylizacje Sukienka w kwiaty na wesele czy wypada? Sukienka w kwiaty na wesele długa

De Marco Elegant fashionable pleated dresses or airy floral dresses for your wedding, choose the styling in your style and order bespoke sewing at the Atelier of Wladyslawa Frączek. De Marco The most beautiful dresses for your wedding.

Let your choice of dress for your 2023 wedding be a reflection of your style and individuality. Airy floral dresses, Polish fashion brands and trendy design will all help you create an unforgettable look for this special occasion.


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