Eleganckie ubrania do pracy w biurze De Marco polska marka z wizytową odzieżą damską.

Elegant office wear for the mature woman in a senior position. 

Elegant office clothes for the mature woman in a high position. De Marco Branded Polish clothes of good quality. Made-to-measure online

Elegant clothing for work in office.

Elegant formal styling for work is key to expressing professionalism and confidence in a business environment. Blues and blues are an apt choice in the context of diplomatic and formal styling. These colours symbolise confidence, wisdom and purity, which is important in presenting oneself as a reliable person with good intentions.

How to dress elegantly for office work?

Fashion inspiration on the De Marco online shop.

The creations we present reflect these values.A classic set with a jacket decorated with buttons combined with elegant trousers in a cream shade is the perfect styling for project presentations, lectures and business talks. It’s for women who want to exude professionalism and knowledge.

When it comes to looser, everyday creations for the office, we suggest a set consisting of an airy floral skirt and a matching jacket.This look is perfect for meetings with clients or receiving guests.

For more formal occasions, such as formal events, we suggest styling with a lead dress covered by a distinctive jacket with heavily accentuated shoulders. This is the perfect choice for meetings that require us to emphasise our status.

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De Marco On-line tailoring

At Atelier De Marco we recommend design and bespoke sewing for ladies. Our models are inspired by elegance and a modern approach to fashion. For those who cannot visit our atelier, we offer remote design via instant messaging, phone and email. De Marco fashion showroom is where classic meets modern, creating unique and individual styles for confident women in a business environment.


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