Sukienka 100% jedwab Sukienki jedwabne polskie szyte na miara stylizacje dla mamy wesela. Pani Iwona Gibas w sukni z jedwabiu Modne sukienki z jedwabiu

Exclusive De Marco tailor-made natural silk dresses

De Marco natural silk dresses. 100% silk dress. Polish silk dresses made to measure in the De Marco Fashion Showroom.

Natural silk dresses for weddings

Exclusive silk dresses for mum and mother-in-law for summer weddings are the perfect choice for women with refined taste and high aesthetic demands. Unlike winter jacquards or embroideries, silks provide delicacy and uniqueness in movement, making a woman feel special and elegant.

Silk creations look great when dancing, subtly accentuating a woman’s curves and making every movement unique. Thanks to the rich colours of silks, we can perfectly match the colour to the beauty and the cut to the silhouette.

Elegancko na ślub syna lub córki. Jak się ubrać na wesele w gracji? Luksusowe polskie sukienki szyte na miarę

Branded dresses for the wedding mother: Exclusive silk dress for Gracjan’s wedding mother.

Dress 100% silk.

Luxurious silk styling is perfect for summer weddings held in countries with warm climates such as Greece, Spain, Italy or the United Arab Emirates. Silk dresses emphasise the uniqueness of the moment and leave unforgettable impressions in the minds of guests.

Jak się ubrać na wesele w wieku 50 lat? Ekskluzywne Sukienki z jedwabiu naturalnego na wesele szyte na miarę Kraków, Warszawa, Wrocław, Poznań

De Marco online shop:Exclusive 100% silk wedding dresses Unique wedding dresses for mum and mother-in-law.

We particularly recommend the Sibilla cut gowns, made entirely of silk, from the lining to the three layers of muslin. This dreamy styling subtly fits into any bridal décor, exuding a unique charm.

Exclusive silk dresses for weddings

Variations of creations that combine different weights of silk material, for example with a viscose blend, make it possible to introduce cuts in formal or more formal styles, even with royal inspirations. Pencil dresses with a silk etolo, a unique shawl pin or a richly embellished turtleneck collar are excellent choices for evening and formal occasions.

Ekskluzywne długie suknie wieczorowe dla matki wesela. Szycie na miarę Kraków Warszawa, Katowice, Poznań, Wrocław

De Marco online shop Exclusive long evening dress with unique designer composition and silk scarf.

Exclusive silk dresses are synonymous with uniqueness and class, which, together with the summer wedding atmosphere, create unforgettable moments for the bride and groom and all the wedding guests. Let’s enjoy this special occasion by presenting ourselves in unique creations that highlight our beauty and make this day even more special.

Bespoke sewing of a dress for the mother of the bride or groom.

Elegant for your son/daughter’s wedding. Natural silk dresses

Our range includes bespoke, elegant dresses for mothers of the bride or groom. If you are dreaming of a unique creation for your child’s wedding, our silk dresses are the perfect choice.

Suknia balowa dla matki weselnej. Jedwabne sukienki w królewskim stylu. Szycie na miarę De Marco

Gold silk ball gown: Exclusive dress made of natural silk and Portuguese lace

At Atelier Wladyslawa Frączek we create exclusive styles in natural silk, which can be ordered both in our online shop and using our online bespoke sewing service. We also offer the possibility to make an appointment at the De Marco Fashion Salon, which is located in Frydrychowice near Krakow.

With our unique bespoke dresses, you will feel special and phenomenal during important celebrations such as your son or daughter’s wedding. Our silk wedding dresses for mother and mother-in-law are guaranteed to be elegant and uniquely designed to perfectly suit your individual needs and preferences. Explore our collection and take advantage of our bespoke sewing service to create the dress of your dreams for such an important event.

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