Wyszczuplające stylizacje dla mamy weselnej. Modne sukienki na wesele w rozmiarze plus-size SKLEP DE MARCO

Exclusive suits and dress for plus size wedding mums

Dress for plus size wedding mum

Exclusive plus size dresses and suits for weddings are a true ode to elegance. Our creations are made to enhance the natural beauty and confidence of fluffy ladies, regardless of age. For ladies in their 50s and 60s who want to look stunning at weddings in November and winter, we have unique proposals.

Nowoczesne garsonki, Ekskluzywne sukienki wyszczuplające na wesele plus size. De Marco szycie na miarę on-line

A sublime navy blue colour synonymous with class, it is the perfect choice for cooler celebrations. It is an elegant choice that optically slims the silhouette. The cream accents add character and brighten up the styling. Our dresses and ensembles consisting of a dress and jacket or suit in shades of navy blue and cream are the perfect combination that slims and accentuates any curves.

De Marco exclusive slimming dresses for plus size wedding

What dresses for fatter people?

Suits and slimming dresses for a plus size wedding

De Marco Sukienki wyszczuplające na wesele plus size

Elegant wedding dresses for fluffy ladies over 50

The pencil jacket dress is the essence of class and elegance. This cut perfectly elongates the silhouette, and the deep cut on the jacket, through which the dress is visible, makes the figure appear slimmer. In addition, the beautiful floral composition adds a festive touch to the overall look, creating a unique styling.

Jak powinna ubrać się mama pana młodego lub panny młodej na wesele w październiku. De Marco luksusowe polskie sukienki szyte na miarę

Exclusive dress for plus size wedding mum

Another suggestion isthe Rea dress, a flared dress with a pleated, asymmetrical insert that also optically elongates the silhouette. This dress is ideal for the first and second part of the ceremony, especially when dancing, where its flared cut adds lightness and finesse.

Nowoczesna sukienka dla mamy weselnej plus size. De Marco sklep internetowy

Modern suit for plus size wedding mum

If you prefer suits, our Royal style proposal is perfect for the formal part of the wedding. This cut emphasises the waist and adds elegance to the styling. It is also an excellent choice for other special occasions.

All our creations are made-to-measure, guaranteeing a perfect fit and the desired effect. For more inspiration, please visit our De Marco online shop.


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