Wyszczuplający garnitur damski w zielonym kolorze

Fashionable ladies’ formal suits De Marco Polish luxury brand

Ladies’ Business Suits

Women’s green formal suit – Exclusive elegance from De Marco

We invite you to discover the extraordinary beauty of a green women’s formal suit, which will delight you with its unique colours and unmistakable style. Erna II, our fashionable suit set, is a combination of classic and modern design, the perfect complement to your special moments.

Ekskluzywna odzież damska producent De Marco modne szerokie spodnie z jedwabną bluzką

Fashionable women’s formal suits for a wedding – Discover luxury in green

The Exclusive green women’s suit for a wedding is for style-conscious women who want to stand out in the crowd. Our collection pays homage to the latest trends, while also making a statement of personal elegance. The shade of green with a delicate touch of turquoise gives the suit a unique character, fitting perfectly for formal occasions.

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The most fashionable Ladies’ Business Suits – Create memories of extraordinary moments

The De Marco suit set is more than a garment – it is a keepsake of important moments. It looks perfect at weddings, communions, anniversaries or other family celebrations. However, it is not only family ceremonies that benefit from its charm. Cultural events, business meetings or conferences are perfect moments to wear the Erna II suit and express your unique personality through elegance.

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Najmodniejsze garnitury damskie dla 50 latki, 60 latki szyte na miarę w De Marco. Zielone polskie garnitury

Green-tinted entry-level suit with wide-leg trousers – Timeless Style Charm

The beauty of the suit lies in its versatility. The high-waisted palazzo style trousers perfectly elongate and slenderise the silhouette, balancing the proportions. They are the perfect solution for women who value comfort and elegance at the same time. Both the trousers and the jacket can be worn separately, giving you endless possibilities to create fashion combinations.

Luxury styling for a wedding with trousers – Build prestige and confidence

Our green women’s formal suit is a manifestation of style and confidence. The sublime design builds the authority of the garment, adding boldness to every step. Properly styled, it becomes an indispensable evening outfit – complement it with bold accessories and create an unforgettable effect.

Elegancka bluzka z jedwabiu naturalnego ze spodniami szerokimi na wysokim stanie. Sklep De Marco

Green women’s suit – Your elegance, your style

De Marco presents Erna II – a green gender formal suit that brings tradition into modernity. Its unusual colours, comfortable cut and versatility make it the perfect choice for any special occasion, from family celebrations to business meetings. Let yourself be swept away by its exclusive elegance and express your unique style.

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