Jak się ubrać na własny ślub cywilny? Ekskluzywne stylizacje ślubne od projektantki ubrani Pierwszej Damy .

How to dress for your own civil wedding?

How to dress for your own civil wedding?

For your own civil wedding, there are many options when it comes to styling. Depending on the nature of the ceremony and personal preferences, you can opt for different types of outfits.

Elegant formal dress for a civil wedding. Subtle simple and classy De Marco wedding dresses.

Skromne suknie ślubne De Marco Luksusowa polska marka

For a non-denominational couple, this is the main wedding ceremony. If we have planned a civil wedding followed by a wedding with a whole host of family and friends this is the ceremony where the bride may opt for a long wedding dress.

Exclusive styling for a civil wedding

If you are planning a modest wedding reception for immediate family only, formal styling can take on a more elegant character. Modest, feminine styling is a practical choice that is sure to emphasise our role in the celebration. These types of outfits can also be worn to other occasions, making them even more versatile.

Wedding suits, sets of dress with coat or jacket and women’s suit for civil wedding.

De Marco luxury Polish brand. Online bespoke sewing. Online shop with unique wedding styles..

Ekskluzywne polskie sukienki, garsonki i garnitury do ślubu cywilnego De Marco Szycie na miarę

A popular choice for young ladies for a civil wedding are wedding suits, which is a set of jacket with skirt. Beautiful women’s suits in soft colours such as alabaster or vanilla are an excellent choice. Fashionable women’s suits are also gaining in popularity. An important aspect when choosing a suit is its cut, which should emphasise our feminine assets. Regardless, a future husband is already aware of our partnership and appreciates our femininity.

Does one wear a veil to a civil wedding? What to choose for a civil wedding a fascinator or a hat?

Is a veil appropriate for a civil wedding? The veil is a symbol of purity and innocence, so when the wedding dress is part of our styling, the veil is most appropriate. However, for formal outfits such as women’s wedding suits, suits or dresses with a jacket or coat, you might consider wearing a wedding hat or fascinator. When it comes to choosing between a fascinator and a hat for a civil wedding, the important point is our beauty, hairstyle and styling. All of these, elements must work together and form one whole.

What colour dress for a civil wedding?

As for the colour of your dress for a civil wedding, we highly recommend light shades. White, beige, gold and pastels are perfect for the occasion. However, the most important thing is that the colour is compatible with our beauty type and meets our inner needs.

Bespoke wedding styling by De Marco

In conclusion, the most important thing is that the styling for our own civil wedding should reflect our character and personality. It is important that we feel comfortable and confident, as our styling is our first message to those around us. The right choice of outfit, taking into account our assets and beauty type, will allow us to feel like the real heroines of this special day.

How to dress for your own civil wedding?

Jak się ubrać na własny ślub cywilny De Marco najpiękniejsze stylizacje od polskiej projektantki

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