Ekskluzywne suknie dla mamy weselnej De Marco sukienki

Luxurious, fashionable dress for Mom of the bride and groom to wear to the wedding

What are the on-trend styles for mum weddings? Where to buy a wedding dress for your mum? De Marco wedding mum dresses

A child’s wedding and reception is one of the most joyous celebrations. The uniqueness of the day obviously comes with the desire to present yourself in an equally unique styling. Here is our today’s Heroine, who as the Mum of the Wedding – built a styling full of class and elegance with De Marco.

For her beloved daughter’s special wedding day, our client Ms. Anna Liwiak chose a beautiful, powerfully flared Luna formal dress.

What colour dress for Mum of the bride and groom? Beige dress for the wedding

What are the fashionable dresses for the 2023 wedding? Elegant dresses for your daughter’s wedding.

Colour is one of the key issues we should consider when choosing a creation for Baby’s wedding and reception. As this is an eagerly awaited celebration, full of hope for the future, joy and love – our outfit should definitely allude to this extremely cheerful mood that accompanies us. For this reason, it is worth focusing on bright, radiant colours.For obvious reasons, we avoid black (a symbol of mourning in our cultural circle) and white (traditionally reserved for the bride on this day). Very intense, bright colours will also be frowned upon. These, although they may sometimes suit the type of beauty and personality of the Mum – will unnecessarily attract and distract attention from the most important couple – the Bride and Groom.

A stunning, classy and subtly elegant dress flared for a Luna wedding in neutral beige, complemented by beautiful lace.

Where to buy a wedding dress for your mum?

Wedding styling in small and large sizes De Marco bespoke tailoring.

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The most fashionable wedding styling for mum De Marco Polish dresses.

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Beiges alongside soft shades of grey, pastels, muted purples, greens or golds are examples of the most fashionable, yet most wedding-appropriate, creation colours. A beige dress or suit is an excellent option for virtually every beauty type. It has been recognised as one of the trendiest colours for autumn/winter 2022/2023 for good reason.

A simple, classic flared dress for a wedding and reception. For whom.

How to dress for a wedding at 50? De Marco dresses for the groupie and apple silhouette.

Even if we want to fit in with current trends or the theme of the wedding – when choosing a dress, it is always good to focus on colours and cuts that will emphasise the strengths and assets of our figure. One very fashionable yet versatile choice is the elegant flared dress – which emphasises feminine grace and the strengths of the figure.

Where to buy a wedding dress for mum? Exclusive dress for Wedding Mum – Luna.

Elegant and timeless wedding dresses for mum and mother-in-law.

The flared dress, like the beige colour, is one cut that will suit most women. Ladies with an hourglass, apple or pear-shaped figure will look great in it. Thanks to the delicate profiling, the waist of the Luna maxi formal dress is subtly emphasised, yet only slightly fitted. This means that even ladies with a fuller figure in the tummy area will look casual and stylish at the same time.

When choosing a formal dress for Mom’s wedding, it’s a good idea to opt for a cut that will nicely accentuate the assets of the figure, while giving you the opportunity to cover up areas that you don’t want to emphasise for various reasons.

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Elegant wedding dresses for fluffy mums. Belly and thigh massaging creations.

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The flared skirt of the Luna dress makes it possible to discreetly conceal more prominent areas of the silhouette, such as the stomach, hips or thighs. The slightly fitted cut sits nicely on the figure, but does not restrict it – which ensures a stylish look and (indispensable at a wedding reception) comfort of movement, even during long hours on the dance floor.

We would like to thank our client, Mrs Anna Liwiak, for trusting our brand and sharing a photo from the ceremony. We wish the bride and groom prosperity and Love for years of life together!

The beautiful lace appliqué of the Luna long wedding dress – on the neckline, shoulders and back – provides a wonderful, extremely dignified look and “works” in favour of the silhouette – evening out the proportions. The shoulder line is emphasised, shifting the emphasis from the stomach, hips or thighs – to the upper body.

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