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De Marco’s modern evening dresses

De Marco’s modern black evening dresses

The De Marco brand has stood out in the fashion market for years thanks to its unique designs and excellent workmanship. Among the most beautiful asymmetrical long gowns from designer Wladyslawa Frączek, the black maxi evening dress with cut-out has a special place. This exclusive evening dress combines a sexy and sensual style with minimalist elegance

The De Marco brand guarantees that each creation is the result of passion, experience and attention to detail, making our dresses meet the expectations of even the most demanding clients. A perfect example of this is the phenomenal Elwira maxi evening dress with asymmetry and cut-out in black, designed by Władysława Frączek for Atelier De Marco.

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The most beautiful black one shoulder evening dresses

De Marco’s maxi dress from the Elwira line is the quintessence of modern minimalism, which at the same time exudes sensuality. The fitted cut of the dress perfectly emphasises the feminine silhouette, accentuating the waist and exposing the abdomen in a subtle but highly effective way. The asymmetrical cut and the combination of a long sleeve with one clearly marked shoulder add a unique character to the creation, making every woman feel special in it.

The bespoke Elwira elegant evening dress impresses not only with its fancy, eye-catching design, but also with its skilful application of the most fashionable fashion trends. Clearly emphasised shoulder lines, sensual cut-outs or flowy, buffeted sleeves – all things that reign supreme on the world’s catwalks.

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Unique evening gowns in black

For centuries, the colour black has been associated with elegance, mystery and sophistication. It is a colour that never goes out of fashion and is the perfect choice for a variety of occasions, such as parties, banquets and formal premieres. Black also has remarkable slimming properties, making any silhouette look slimmer and more proportionate in it. When you choose a black De Marco evening dress, you are assured of looking stylish and classy.

Our beautiful client in a bespoke evening creation – the Elwira one shoulder maxi dress. The simplicity of the form perfectly emphasises a woman’s natural beauty, becoming the perfect backdrop for her charm and allure of her figure.

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De Marco maxi evening dress. Perfect for any occasion

The black one-shoulder evening dress from De Marco is a creation that will work for any special occasion. Its versatile nature makes it the perfect choice for both elegant banquets and more intimate parties. The asymmetric cut and sensual detailing will catch the eye and make you feel confident, whatever the occasion.

Simple black evening creations have an incredible versatility about them. They don’t require a lot of expense, accessories or treatments to look stunning. Black evening gowns are in themselves the essence of elegance and class, allowing any woman to shine in them without the need for numerous accessories. The minimalist design emphasises natural beauty, while the high quality of the material ensures a perfect look with minimal effort. This makes the black evening dress the perfect choice for a variety of occasions, always guaranteeing a flawless and stylish look.

Our sincere thanks to our wonderful client, for the opportunity to present photos in the creation of our Atelier De Marco.

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