Elegancka garsonka w angielskim stylu. Mama Wesela w Stylu "Old Money": Elegancja i Klasa

Modern suits in English style. Excellent presentation

Modern English-style suits are a real gem in every woman’s wardrobe, regardless of age. However, they particularly stand out as perfect styles for mature ladies who know what they want from fashion and life. Women in their 40s, 50s and 60s, with a wealth of life experience, appreciate the sophisticated simplicity that accompanies modern English-style suits.

Modern suits in English style

An elegant suit is a combination of jacket and skirt that go perfectly together. But that’s not all – the length of the skirt is an element that can be adapted to your preferences and the occasion. It can be mini, knee-length, half-knee-length, midi or even maxi. The choice depends on your style and beauty, allowing for almost customised creations.

What is a suit?

Elegancka wizytowa garsonka w angielskim stylu De Marco

One of the advantages of an elegant suit is that the jacket does not require you to wear a blouse underneath. This means that you can fit it perfectly to your silhouette, accentuating it in an elegant and striking way. It’s definitely a solution to achieve a slimming effect and makes the whole look incredibly sleek.

An English-style suit is also the perfect choice for important occasions such as a wedding. If you’re the mother of the bride or groom, you can shine in an elegant suit during the official part of the ceremony, whether it’s in church or at the registry office.

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What colour suit for mum of the wedding for autumn and winter celebrations

When it comes to colours, the winter and autumn seasons point to intense shades such as maroon, green, sapphires and clear combinations of cream and navy blue. Timeless silver and gold jacquards are also excellent choices. Not to forget the beautiful shades of vanilla, which perfectly complement the range of colours available in the luxury suit collections.

Elegant English-style suits are an expression of class and unique style. They are garments that exude confidence and elegance while making you feel extremely comfortable.


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