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Wedding dresses 2023 Jacquard styling by De Marco

Wedding dresses the most fashionable cuts and fabrics. Elegant jacquard fabric dresses for big outings. Jacquard styles by De Marco

Formal dresses and suits sewn in Poland from richly decorated jacquard fabric are the perfect choice for the most formal occasions. We present luxurious jacquard creations sewn in our Atelier, designed by renowned designer Władysława Frączek.

Exclusive styles for the wedding mother, godmother, grandmother of the wedding: De Marco online shop.

De Marco Wedding dresses the most fashionable cuts and fabrics.

Royal glamour. Formal dress in jacquard fabric

Cotton exclusive jacquards are a guarantee of comfort and a perfect look until dawn.

Jacquard is a fabric strongly associated with wealth and luxury, and for good reason. Jacquard weaving technology, allows for truly spectacular effects. In addition to its rich, inspiring design, jacquard works beautifully in light – both natural and artificial. All this makes jacquard styling perfect for the most important and elegant celebrations, both family and professional. Beautifully shimmering jacquard flared dresses are creations that will make us stand out and feel beautiful and stylish.

In our Atelier De Marco every woman, regardless of her beauty type and personal colour preferences, will find the perfect jacquard formal dress. A jacquard fabric dress with a beautiful pattern, such as Paula jacquard dress or silver Nunilona III Ball Dress, are examples of creations that are sure to serve many elegant occasions, including the most important ones – galas, anniversaries, balls, weddings and weddings.

Luxury women’s suits and costumes in jacquard fabric. Class and style

Elegant wedding dresses for the mother of the groom or bride. Perfect as a creation for the godmother or grandmother of the wedding.

Sophisticated creations made from jacquard fabric – dresses, costumes or suits – are not only beautifully designed, but also have great body shaping potential. Thanks to its properties, jacquard is an ideal material to discreetly, yet successfully, cover up possible imperfections or, in appropriate places, add curves to the silhouette. The dense weave of jacquard is also a unique fabric that looks extremely dignified, enhancing our image of the Successful Woman.

Jacquard fabric is an unparalleled material when it comes to giving the desired shape. Thanks to its dense weave, jacquard creations hold their shape perfectly, while remaining very flexible and comfortable to wear. Fancy cuts for suits or formalwear, fancy collars, stand-up collars, flared dresses – all these spectacular effects can be achieved by choosing a beautiful jacquard fabric.

Jacquard looks phenomenal especially in cocktail style midi or 7/8 dresses with a retro flare. This is perfectly exemplified by our wonderful client Ms Agnieszka Malinowska in an exclusive Paula jacquard dress..

Luxury Polish dresses

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