Garsonka ze spodniami na wesele i do pracy. De Marco Czym się różni spodnium od garnituru damskiego? Jak się nazywa garsonka ze spodniami?

What is a suit with trousers called? What is the difference between a trouser suit and a women’s suit?

Suit with trousers

What do you call a suit with trousers?

In the land of fashion, where the classic meets the innovative, the elegant suit with trousers, or trousseau, appears.

Elegancka garsonka ze spodniami, czyli spodnium.


The professional name for such a set is SPODNIUM. It is a harmonious creation, where the jacket and trousers form a single unit, not requiring the company of a blouse. It is a subtle dance of fabrics, where the composition of colours and cut creates an extremely stylish effect.


Women’s creations consisting of a jacket and trousers that match each other, but are not of the same fabric, in the same shade are called a women’s set.

Najmodniejsze garnitury damskie De Marco. Ekskluzywne wizytowe komplety ze spodniami. Krawiectwo miarowe on-line. Unikatowe fasony, bardzo dobrej jakości, dostępne w sklepie internetowym polskiej projektantki W. Frączek


On the other hand, the combination of jacket and trousers in the same fabric is the Ladies’ Suit. This is a set that requires a blouse or waistcoat to be worn under the jacket.

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Suit with trousers, or SPODNIUM: jacket with trousers

The trouser suit is becoming a symbol of comfort and elegance, an ideal choice for various occasions. Our brand, De Marco, has developed a unique position in sewing branded, exclusive suits, women’s suits and sets with trousers.

Elegant trousers are ideal for events such as weddings, anniversaries or anniversaries. It is a symbol of timeless elegance that emphasises the uniqueness of every moment.

Elegant business women’s styling with trousers.

However, it is not only an outfit for big events. Our modern women’s suits paired with trousers also work well for everyday office work. They are the perfect choice for business trips, trade fairs, lectures or presentations. The exceptional versatility of trousers allows you to create both formal and business styling, tailored to the nature of the event.

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Evening suits with trousers, or luxury trousseau

Evening outings take on a new sparkle with our evening trousers. These are elegant ensembles for galas, cultural events or an evening at the opera or theatre. The trousers catch the eye with their unique style and allow you to feel special in any context.

When you choose trousers from De Marco, you are not only investing in fashion, but also in yourself. Our tailored ensembles fit your figure perfectly, highlighting your natural beauty. An expression of elegance, comfort and confidence that allows you to shine at every turn.


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