Kto ubiera się u Pani Władzi z Frydrychowic? Kobiety świata nauki, kultury, medycyny, biznesu i sztuki. Jedną z naszych wspaniałych klientek jest Sz. P. Beata Handel.

Where to buy an original elegant dress? Exclusive Polish formal dresses

Polish formal dresses. Original formal dresses from Polish designer and owner of luxury Polish fashion label De Marco.

Elegant Polish formal dresses by De Marco

A deep, saturated and extremely feminine colour: Magenta reigns supreme in our Atelier in the form of beautiful, sensual formal dresses ideal for both business parties, important cultural events and the most important family celebrations – also for Mom’s Weddings. Here are our stylish proposals in this year’s most fashionable colour.

Kto ubiera się u Pani Władzi z Frydrychowic? Kobiety świata nauki, kultury, medycyny, biznesu i sztuki. Jedną z naszych wspaniałych klientek jest Sz. P. Beata Handel.

Our wonderful Client Dear Ms Beata Handel in tailored Patricia dress, in the most fashionable colour of autumn and winter – Purple magenta, accompanied by designer, stylist, creator of De Marco brand and owner of the Atelier – Władysława Frączek. A long, elegant formal dress with a Patricia slit perfectly emphasises our client’s gorgeous figure.

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What colour is trending this year?

Purple, magenta, fiction, is a saturated, highly energetic and sensual colour on a base from red to purple. It is chosen to symbolise inner strength, to give courage and to stimulate action. It is therefore definitely made for women who are unafraid of change, persistent and confident. Thanks to the fact that it contains both warm and cold notes, both ladies of warm and cold colour types can freely dress in magenta. The versatility of this shade, can also be seen in the wide variety of creations, in terms of occasion and dress rank. It looks beautiful in casual, business attire, as well as in formal outfits for major events and family celebrations.

It is certainly a shade that is extremely energetic and overflowing with life force. It is perfect for a variety of styling levels – be it evening, prom, formal or business outfits. Pictured – available in our Atelier and through our online shop, dresses and gowns in magenta: sensual Euphemia maxi dress, wonderful dress for wedding Delia, dress Patricia, fancy evening dress Elena..

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Styles in Fuchsia, Magenta, Purple – how to wear?

This season’s most fashionable colour is a fairly neutral proposition, looking good on women of both cool and warm colour types. However, if we want to choose a creation typically for ourselves and still use the energy of the colour – we can opt for colour variations close to magenta – a shade closer to claret or fuchsia.Purple or Magenta is characterised by great freedom and ease of styling. It looks beautiful and at the same time extremely elegant and dignified as a total look, complemented by accessories in the same colour or in a shade from the same colour family – with more or less saturation. Such a monolook will slenderise the silhouette beautifully, allowing you to present yourself in an elegant and extremely effective manner. It will be perfect as a proposal for an elegant Wedding Mum, for a wedding and for her Son/Daughter’s wedding.

Luksusowe stylizacje weselne dla matki weselnej. Ekskluzywne sukienki z długim rękawem na wesele jesienią i zimą.

Total look in magenta – the perfect option for the Wedding Mum. Tailor-made formal dresses at Atelier De Marco – Odeta..

When building a magenta-based look, you can also opt for accessories in neighbouring colours on the colour wheel. As a rule of thumb, magenta will look great in a duo with saturated purple – an interesting proposition for cultural events, for example, where our slightly more daring and off-the-beaten-path outfit is sure to impress the audience.Of course, saturated magenta will also go perfectly with neutral shades, for example leg-lengthening pumps or stiletto heels in beige, grey, white or black. It all depends on your sense of aesthetics and the planned effect.

Polskie Markowe eleganckie sukienki wizytowe w kolorze magenta, purpura,

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