Alternatywa dla małej czarnej. Elegancki czarny kombinezon damski De Marco

An alternative to the little black dress. Elegant black De Marco women’s jumpsuit

Elegant black women’s jumpsuit by De Marco luxury Polish clothing brands, online shop

Elegant black women’s jumpsuit

What instead of a ‘little black’ dress? What to replace the classic black dress for a party? What to wear to an evening event, a party with friends – to look sensual and original. For all those looking for black, unconventional proposals – we recommend De Marco’s great evening styles in black, led by the sexy jumpsuit.

Alternatywa dla małej czarnej. Elegancki czarny kombinezon damski De Marco Opinie: nasza Klientka - Szanowna Pani Anna Wrona.

Black De Marco evening suit Karina is a perfect choice for an important evening meeting, party, event with friends or a romantic date. The fancy cut and classic black was also chosen for herself by our client, the esteemed Ms Anna Wrona.

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A sensual alternative to the little black dress

Exclusive women’s clothing from Polish manufacturers De Marco online shop.

Black is universally acknowledged to be timeless and to have a great effect on how the figure looks. The little black dress – the timeless little black dress – is a creation that symbolised simplicity, feminine sex appeal and comfort at the same time, which is still relevant today. But what if you want to look sensuous in classic black – but don’t want to wear a dress? What are the alternatives for an evening party, event or an important, elegant meeting in the evening?

Ponadczasowe unikatowe eleganckie ubrania od polskiej projektantki ekskluzywnej odzieży damskiej, De Marco jedyna taka firma w Polsce. Ubrania szyte na miarę on-line. Światowa polska marka odzieżowa.

Fancy and sensual proposals for De Marco evening wear in black, designed by the favourite designer of the First Lady of the Republic of Poland – Władysława Frączek.
To impress with classic elegance and sensual simplicity – there is no need to wear a black dress. If we want to surprise with an original approach to evening fashion, slenderise the silhouette thanks to universal black or emphasise sex appeal – it is worth opting for something unconventional. The perfect choice is the beautiful black Karin trousera with an original cut or the gorgeous chiffony black combinationseason Edna..

Timeless and sensual – De Marco women’s black jumpsuit

Where to buy clothes from Polish manufacturers? Branded women’s clothing, exclusive and elegant De Marco tailor made online

Black hairstyles – especially evening looks – are definitely an absolute classic, which is great for slimming the figure. While during the day there is sometimes a fear that on certain types of beauty it will emphasise the impression of tiredness and add years – in artificial light, which is so characteristic of parties, events and elegant occasions, it adds sex appeal and sophistication to the styling. Especially when the “heavier” black is combined with a bit of shine of silver thread – as in the case of Evergreen Karina jumpsuit; or chiffon lightness of Edna trousers..

Fantazyjny krój i klasyczna czerń wybrała także dla siebie nasza Klientka - Szanowna Pani Anna Wrona.

The Karina evening pantsuit – a choice of our beautiful client, Ms Anna Wrona – is a styling which “works” beautifully in the light, reflecting it thanks to the silver thread woven into the base fabric. It looks great as a total look – in monochrome as well as with fancy and bold accessories.

We would like to thank the honourable Mrs Anna Wrona for making the photos available for publication. We extend our warmest greetings, hugs and wish you continued success.

The black styles designed by Wladyslawa Frączek – suits or trousers, are a fresh take on classic women’s evening fashion.

Gdzie kupić ubrania dobrej jakości od polskiego producenta? De Marco luksusowa odzież damska szyta na miarę. Polska firma

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