Ekskluzywny komplet sukienka z płaszczykiem dla mamy i teściowej wesela

An exclusive set for the mother of the bride or groom. Dress with coat

Wedding coats and dresses for mums and mothers-in-law De Marco Tailor-made .

Dress with cloak for weddings in September, October and November. An exclusive set for the mother of the bride or groom.

Dress coat for the wedding mother in autumn

Exclusive English-style ladies’ sets are the perfect choice for the mum of the wedding. These most beautiful sets are perfect for mum and mother-in-law weddings for your son or daughter’s wedding celebrations, especially in September, October and November.

Luxurious formal dress sets with an elegant sheath, embellished with delicate 3D lace with subtle shimmers, are the perfect styling for a wedding with a unique glamour vibe, especially in a royal setting. These chic creations exude great class and high culture.

Exclusive ensembles in a formal character are the best choice for the first part of the ceremony, where we want to present ourselves with elegance, without exaggerated glamour, but with a clear touch of class. These are styles that represent exceptional taste and sophistication.

Coat dress for wedding mum De Marco INTERNET STORE

A cloak made from the same fabric as the dress makes a perfect set for autumn celebrations, especially in September and October. The bespoke sewing option allows each cut to be tailored to the individual figure, taking into account the client’s personal preferences.

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Wedding coats and dresses for mother and mother-in-law, made-to-measure at De Marco

We invite interested ladies to make an appointment at our De Marco showroom in Frydrychowice or to place an order through our online shop. We offer unique women’s ensembles that stand out not only for their elegance, but also for their perfect cut and unique design, ideally suited for formal occasions such as weddings.


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