Nowoczesne garsonki wizytowe na inaugurację roku akademickiego i szkolnego. De Marco polska marka

How to dress for the start of the school and academic year as a teacher, lecturer

How to dress for the start of the school and academic year?

The enormous responsibility of the educator.

The position of educator, teacher, lecturer, professor, university president or school principal carries a huge responsibility. It is a role that requires constant improvement, both in terms of knowledge and personal attitude, in order to inspire the younger generations.

In addition to the material imparted from the discipline we teach, our attitude and appearance play a key role, as it is these qualities that remain in the memory for a long time, becoming an inspiration and influencing young people’s choices in adulthood.

Our pupils and students are inspired by our behaviour. To create a better society, we need to raise standards in every field. Through our attitude, ambition and passion, we should awaken the interest of children and young people.

As teachers and mentors, we should be leaders, role models. Our appearance, vocabulary, moral stance and the knowledge we impart form an integral whole. The analogy between a young mind and a teacher is clear. Ergo: if we present knowledge and success, young people will aspire to do the same.

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Modern suits for academic and school year inaugurations.

How to dress for the start of the school, academic year? Styles according to the dress code of teacher, professor, lecturer

In today’s world, where elegant styling abounds, it is worth paying attention to our appearance, especially during educational events. Our brand offers modern business and formal suits, perfect for school or academic year inaugurations.

Styling with the trendy pepito pattern is an exceptional choice to start the year. Elegant, fitted suits in a navy blue shade, combined with ivory, fit perfectly into various formal occasions, meeting business and diplomatic requirements.

These creations accentuate the feminine silhouette, winning acclaim for both aesthetics and minimalism. De Marco is a luxury brand, offering elegant tailored styles to suit every figure and occasion. Visit our De Marco online store. Fashion Inspirations De Marco Fashion Showroom.


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