Eleganckie sukienki na wesele dla mamy

Ash styles for the wedding. Stylish light grey party dresses from designer

De Marco Elegant wedding dresses for mum

Grey is a decidedly understated shade. They carry with them great power and even greater elegance. Formal styles in shades of grey – delightful and blend wonderfully with other colours. Here are great suggestions for formal dresses in grey from Polish designer Wladyslawa Frączek.

A stunning ash Basileja formal set.
Ideal set in shades of grey for a wedding.

De Marco Exclusive wedding dresses for mums

Ash in the lead role. Elegant styling in grey for your son/daughter’s wedding. De Marco dresses

Elegant wedding dresses for mum tailor-made in the atelier of W. Frączek, a famous designer of exclusive women’s clothing.

Grey is a constant in fashion – mainly as a safe shade that complements other, highly saturated colours. It definitely works as a base colour in wardrobes, as it is easy to style and suits practically everyone. It is not often that ash or grey is used as the main colour, which is a shame. Shades of grey in formal outfits are an original way of styling which will attract attention and impress with elegance and chic.

Nunilona II – a stunning ash-coloured wedding gown
with a column dress cut, with an airy cape with a stand-up collar, in the colour of the creation.

Elegant wedding dresses for mom shop De Marco

Although grey may be associated with balance and the desire not to stand out from one’s surroundings – in fashion, especially during important ceremonies, wearing shades of grey can paradoxically have a decidedly opposite effect. The softness and understated elegance of grey means that a person who chooses to style their outfit in, for example, ash, can provide a stark contrast to the intense, often highly saturated colours of dresses or costumes popular with women during special occasions. Grey therefore offers the opportunity to stand out with a calm, balanced, extremely elegant and feminine look.

Elegant dress for your son/daughter’s wedding with a beautiful coat included.

A stylish, ultra-feminine Marion formal set – an ash-coloured pencil dress in a classic cut, with a colour-matching formal jacket/coat.
The perfect wedding option for Mum.

Cloaks and dresses for weddings for mothers and mothers-in-law, made-to-measure at De Marco

Ash styles for the wedding and bridal party. Stunning grey creations from De Marco for mum’s wedding

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Broadly defined, grey is an excellent choice for business, casual and formal occasions. If properly matched to the type of beauty, it can produce spectacular effects, especially if the right accessories and accents are provided.

The Celestine formal dress is perfection, with regal style.

Exclusive dresses for mums to weddings

The apparent simplicity of grey, combined with the charm of beautiful lace and transparency as in the Celestyna dress or fancy pearl accents such as in the Basileja set – can produce truly spectacular effects.

sukienka dla mamy wesela z pięknym żakietem De Marco

Basileja ash set
Pencil dress with fancy jacket.

De Marco Exclusive styling for a wedding for mum tailor-made at the Fashion Salon in Frydrychowice.






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