Jesienne stylizacje na wesele dla Mamy Panny Młodej/Pana Młodego. De Marco jak się ubrać na wesele jesienią

Autumn wedding styling for Mum of the Bride/Groom

Autumn wedding styling for Mum of the Bride/Groom.

How to dress for a wedding in autumn? Wedding in September, October, November

Autumn weather likes to surprise. Therefore, when planning a creation for your child’s wedding in autumn, it is advisable to choose a creation that is chic, elegant but also comfortable and ensures thermal comfort. Here is a review of exclusive formal dresses, sets and suits for the Mom of the Wedding, in the most fashionable combination of navy blue and cream white.

The navy blue-white duo, in creations for a wedding, is an extremely chic and fashionable combination. Whether we are the mother of the bride or the groom, the combination of these two colours, will provide a unique, occasion-appropriate look.
In the picture: Luxurious jacket with pleated maxi skirt Antonella IV.

How to dress for a wedding in autumn?

Autumn wedding styling for Mum of the Bride/Groom.

Autumn is a period that is often characterised by much lower temperatures than summer. Rainfall and stronger winds are also quite common and frequent, so the outfit we choose should certainly take this capricious autumn weather into account.

Navy blue styling for Mom’s Fall 2022 Wedding De Marco online store

For the formal part of a child’s wedding ceremony, especially a civil wedding,a good choice would probably be minimalist, Chic formal dress with jacket Valeria.

An elegant classic formal set for a wedding reception.

Waleria formal dress with jacket

The duo of dark blue and white gives the Waleria set a formal character. A two-coloured jacket with an original combination of colours adds a unique character to the styling. The dress beautifully emphasises the assets of a woman’s silhouette, while at the same time, thanks to the warm, creamy white upper part of the creation – it illuminates the complexion, making it radiant and rejuvenated.

Autumn long-sleeved creations

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To ensure that you look elegant, but also stay at a comfortable temperature – it is worth opting for 3/4 sleeves or a long-sleeved set when choosing an outfit. This way, even if, for various reasons, you don’t get out on the dance floor very often, you will still feel pleasantly warm.

The Rowena navy blue and cream formal suit,
is an original creation that is sure to attract admiring glances.

Elegant formal sets individually designed at the De Marco Fashion Showroom.

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The right fabrics for a wedding in autumn

For the same reasons, it will be good to exclude creations that are heavily lined or made of light, airy materials. These, while they certainly work in summer, may not be enough for us in autumn.

Fabrics suitable for summer, won’t necessarily work in autumn.
It would be far better to choose a creation in a thicker but breathable fabric with a beautiful muted colour. This is certainly the case with the exclusive Rea II wedding dress, sewn in Poland from a high-quality viscose blend for thermal comfort, yet distinguished by its lightness thanks to the beautifully integrated cream white pleating in the cut.

Navy blue and white – the perfect combination

When choosing your dream creation for your child’s wedding, which is planned for the autumn months, we recommend muted, deep, sensual colours – in the style of jewel tones. It is definitely worth “betting” on styling in the classic, extremely chic duo of navy blue and white. These are considered to be the most elegant combination for formal wear for both men and women.

Elegant Rowena II suit – chic and simple in one. A gorgeous, classy option for the Mom of the Wedding who appreciates classic styling in sensual colour.

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Autumn wedding styling for Mum of the Bride/Groom. How to dress for a wedding in autumn? Weddings in September, October, November. Online Shop De Marko Polish dresses, suits, women’s costumes and tailor-made suits..






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