Chabrowe sukienki na wesele dla mamy

Exclusive maxi sapphire dresses. Fashionable sapphire creations for wedding 2022

Cornflower wedding dresses for mums

The sapphire look is vibrant, characterful and elegant at the same time. The figure-hugging sapphire dress with its original lines is the perfect way to look special at all kinds of events, especially weddings. Here are the most fashionable looks in the captivating colour sapphire.

Cornflower wedding dresses for mums

The sapphire maxi dress was created in the offer of Bespoke sewing, in our Atelier De Marco.
Beautifully accentuated by the cut of the feminine shapes and the wonderful, energetic colour of sapphire – perfectly highlight the natural charm and beauty of our beautiful client.

Sapphire beauty for the salons. De Marco sapphire dresses for the wedding

Sapphire is a rare mineral of extraordinary beauty. Rings with this stone, are often chosen as engagement jewellery. Not without reason. The colour of this precious mineral has been attributed magical powers. This power of colour can also be seen in our creations. A sapphire dress is impossible to ignore. The wearer inspires admiration, appreciation and delight.

Beautiful long flared dress for a wedding in sapphire colour.

Chaber dress for a wedding. View photos on De Marco’s online shop. Beautifully unique styling with an interesting attachable belt completely changing the character of the cration.

The power of the sapphire colour combined with the phenomenal elegance of the fashion Tara formal dress.

The midi length, flared dress is perfect for both corporate events, galas and weddings – not only for the Mom of the Wedding, but also for the wedding guest who appreciates sublime style.

A combination of dark blue with a touch of green and a hint of red, sapphire is a colour that definitely catches the eye. So it looks great in creations for really important occasions, among which the wedding reception definitely stands out. A sapphire-coloured mother of the bride and groom will look dignified, elegant and chic, yet bold and “dashing”.

Sirene – an unusual dress for a wedding for Mom, Godmother,
in an energetic sapphire colour. Original in form, a light, airy creation that beautifully wraps around the figure. 3D floral motifs give it a unique, sensual character.

The most fashionable sapphire looks, the sapphire look

Sapphire never goes out of fashion. Thanks to the fact that not only brunettes, but ladies of practically every type of beauty look great in it, both ladies and designers reach for it. The colour sapphire offers huge styling possibilities. It looks great and very original in combinations based on contrasts, with colours equally intense and strong. However, in combination with white, grey or ecru, it also makes a fashionable and appreciated duo.

Rode sapphire wedding dress. The base of this dignified and very feminine look, is a sapphire-coloured midi dress, perfect for weddings, anniversaries and other important events.
The final character of the whole depends on the choice of accessories – whether it’s dignified gold, white or, for example, a fancy combination of sapphire and emerald green.

Apart from looking great, creations in the bold colour sapphire definitely have a therapeutic effect. Colours, especially colours as powerful as sapphire, fill us with a sense of beauty, courage, self-confidence and awaken our optimism. In a sapphire creation, not only will we look spectacular, but we also have the chance to believe in how special we are!

A sapphire maxi creation in a total look – tailor-made at Atelier De Marco.
Our gorgeous client is a perfect example,
that the colour sapphire has great power, bringing out the most beautiful in us.






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