Żakardowa garsonka wieczorowa Sz.P. Aniela

Black and gold – the perfect duo. Jacquard modern evening suit by De Marco

De Marco modern evening dress

The combination of the richness of gold and black is one of the most beautiful and elegant duos. The black-and-gold styling delights with its hidden mystery, sensuality and truly regal character. Here are De Marco’s exceptional evening creations, featuring gold jacquard and timeless black.

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De Marco’s exclusive evening looks in black and gold

Going to a gala party, opera premiere or awards gala? Do you want to look unfussy, trendy and sensual? For the most formal, elegant evening occasions, the duo of black and gold is a combination that will focus all the attention on you, while looking mysterious and extremely exclusive. A luxurious suit, costume or women’s evening suit is the perfect alternative to the classic dress and a great way to present yourself with finesse and sophistication.

Żakardowa garsonka wieczorowa Sz.P. Aniela

Sensual and elegant. Our De Marco evening costumes from the Esperanza line are a guarantee of stunning, out-of-the-box styling for special occasions. Pictured: our beautiful client in a Eperanza costume excellent correspondence with her exceptional beauty.

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Luxurious and stylish. Beautiful refined evening ensembles for special occasions from De Marco

Modern evening dress De Marco online shop .

Special occasions, require a special setting. Elegant evening occasions are the perfect opportunity to wear an evening outfit. Alongside the classic evening gown, it is definitely worth considering a style that will impress with its unconventional approach to women’s evening fashion. Although the suit is associated by many with daytime occasions, family celebrations or formal meetings – it is also perfect as evening wear.

Stylish, sensual suggestions for women’s evening wear fromDe Marco – Esperanza luxury suit – in two options to choose from – passionate creation of the Esperanza evening suit with gold jacquard skirt and the Esperanza in a version with a black sensual pencil skirt. We also recommend the absolutely stunning women’s evening suit with gold jacket – the Miriam tailcoat, in jacquard fabric with a rich, mesmerising pattern.

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De Marco’s evening looks in gold and black. The most fashionable creations for big outings from the designer of the First Lady of the Republic of Poland

Evening suits and women’s evening suits are De Marco creations that stand out for their use of beautiful, extremely elegant fabrics with dazzling patterns – with which the slimming and mystery-creating atmosphere of black is combined in perfect harmony. De Marco’s feminine evening ensembles offer a unique opportunity to create a duo of minimalist black elegance with the glamour and richness of gold jacquard. Our creations are thus the perfect way to reflect feminine nature – which is also full of seemingly irreconcilable contradictions.

Dla miłośniczek kreacji odsłaniających nogi, polecamy nasze kostiumy wizytowe o wieczorowym charakterze z linii De Marco Esperanza. Z kolei Paniom, które upodobały sobie luksusowe kreacje wieczorowe ze spodniami - polecamy zachwycający linią i stylem - garnitur damski na wieczór Miriam.

For lovers of leg-revealing creations, we recommend our formal evening wear from the De Marco Esperanza line. And for ladies who fancy a luxurious evening outfit with trousers – we recommend the stunning line and style –Miriam ladies evening suit..


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