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Blessing of the bride and groom by the parents. What to wear?

Exclusive women’s suits and costumes for the wedding for the mother of the bride or groom.

The ceremony of the Blessing of the Bride and Groom by the Parents on both sides is a beautiful Polish tradition that is thankfully still alive.What should you keep in mind when preparing it? When should it take place? What should the Mother of the Bride and Groom wear for it?

Blessing of the Parents – a tradition still alive
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The ceremony of the Blessing of the Bride and Groom by the Parents is a beautiful and moving moment, which is part of the Polish tradition.This rite, in fact, is the beginning of the Liturgy of the Sacrament of Marriage, which will continue in the Church, in the presence of the closest family, witnesses and friends.

This tradition grows directly out of the custom of ‘transferring’, during which the bride and groom bid a symbolic farewell to their parents, passing ‘into the care’ of their spouse.

The Mom of the Wedding outfit, especially during the Blessing ceremony, should reflect the solemn nature of the ceremony.
Discreet yet stunning embellishments, will make,
each Mom of the bride and groom feel special and confident.
In the photo: the unique details of the costume dedicated to the Mom of the Wedding –
exclusive Hilaria V suit.

Nowadays, the ceremony has a primarily symbolic dimension, through which the parents of the groom and bride express their acceptance and support of their choice of son or daughter.

What does the rite of blessing look like?

A properly organised Blessing provides a sense of comfort and reassurance during these important, and certainly extremely stressful, moments.Traditionally, this ceremony should take place in the bride’s family home, from where she later – accompanied by her future husband – travels to the Church.

Nowadays, however, there is also an emerging trend of holding the ceremony earlier, for example on the day before the wedding ceremony.For sure, such an arrangement allows for more comfort, no time pressure or high stress about how solemn the events of the Blessing itself precede.

Exclusive women’s suits and costumes complete with skirt for mum’s wedding.

To offset the natural stress associated with the solemnity and solemn yet emotional nature of the moment – it is worth taking care of a comfortable, convenient yet beautiful outfit.
Our luxurious Nineveh II suit will work perfectly.

According to tradition, in the room where the Blessing of the Parents takes place, there should be a solemnly decorated table, with a Cross, often holy water and a sprinkler, and lit candles (traditionally the baptismal candles of the future spouses).

During the rite, the bride and groom kneel before the parents, asking for their blessing. A short prayer and warm words are traditionally followed by making the Sign of the Cross on the foreheads of the children and giving the Cross to them to kiss (and possibly sprinkle with holy water).

Blessing before the wedding – costume or dress for the Wedding Mum?

The creation chosen for the Blessing ceremony should certainly have an elegant and festive character, even if it is a rite carried out the day before the actual Sacrament of Marriage.

Especially if it is a tradition prepared the day before the wedding, the mother of the bride or groom can successfully choose a creation for these ceremonies that differs significantly from the outfit planned for the ceremony itself.

The delicate ostrich feathers, tastefully integrated into the whole creation,
give the suit for Mama Wedding Siena a truly festive touch..

Elegant set for a wedding jacket with trousers perfect for a summer celebration. Exclusive Siena I women’s suit.

So if you’re planning to wear an evening or ball gown to the wedding, for the Blessing (or possibly the Blessing and the wedding ceremonies in the Church, if both take place on the same day) – a beautiful costume or suit would be a great option.

The sets for Mom of the Wedding are perfect, captivating in their simplicity of lines, yet sublime in their composition additions of ostrich feathers, lace or decorative stones.

The three-piece Hilaria V women’s suite is a great option for Mom of the Bride,
who wants to present herself fresh, alluring and yet really elegant.

Exclusive women’s suits and costumes complete with trousers. Hilaria V wedding suit.

Traditionally white is reserved for the bride,
so it is worth opting for creations in soft pastel shades,
as in the case of Suzan’s beautiful suit.

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