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Women’s business attire is a demanding creation, not only because of the professional dress code in force, but also because of the challenge of creating an outfit that combines professionalism and femininity. How do you successfully combine feminine beauty with professionalism and competence in your styling? Here are our suggestions for stunning women’s business styles.

Counselor Ms Anna Bufnal has been an example for years,
how to skilfully combine femininity and professionalism in her styling.
We are glad that, as De Marco, we can actively support Ms Anna in these activities.
In the photo: Solicitor Ms Anna Bufnalin the Jocasta formal dress from our Diamond Collection.

Business costume in a starring roleBusiness costume in a starring role
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Every day, active women, especially those working in prestigious professions of public trust or holding high-profile positions, need to present themselves impeccably and professionally. At the same time, every woman, regardless of her professional activity, wants to feel beautiful and feminine.

Our business costume proposals make it possible to combine these two seemingly completely incompatible spaces – the business world, which is still associated with the masculine, and feminine lightness and delicacy.

The Jocasta business costume, guarantees an appropriate appearance,
while allowing you to feel unique and feminine.
The combination of black and navy blue used in the costume design,
is considered one of the most professional and elegant colour combinations.

Ultra feminine yet professional – the sapphire pepita colour,
which forms the base of the Aurora costume,
is a guarantee of comfort, elegance and confidence, in business situations.

Femininity is strengthFemininity is strength

Business and evening wear, suits from De Marco

Although it is still believed (wrongly) in some circles that women are too fragile to be as successful as men in business or politics – we are happy to support strong, independent and courageous women through our projects.

The Rachela navy blue women’s costume is a creation in which we will present ourselves beautifully at official professional meetings, as well as at special family celebrations, for example.
Class and chic, in an original, modern edition.

Through the costumes and formal suits we offer, we want to express our conviction that the feminine nature, which combines so many apparent contradictions – is not a weakness, but a strength!

The Frida costume, is a refined way to manifest your strength and confidence.

The predominance of navy blue in the blazer juxtaposed with the rich colours of the pencil skirt,allows for spectacular effects while expressing determination and character.

The Adela business costume, is an original approach to the dress code.adds vigour and boldness to the whole outfit thanks to the use of pepitas.
Women’s strength in business is precisely the intelligent and clever approach to norms and commonly accepted rules.

Elegant women’s suits and costumes De Marco online shop

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