Markowe czerwone stylizacje dla starszej pani idealne na wesele, spotkania, prezentacje. Polska firma De Marco krawiec damski

De Marco’s elegant red styles. Who do they suit, with whom do you pair them?

What time of year does red styling spoil?

Elegant styling in red is versatile and suitable for all seasons. Already in the summer season, light, airy dresses and trendy suits in this shade are an attractive option for all kinds of celebrations, including weddings. In autumn, modern women’s suits, dresses for work and business meetings in this intense colour are highly recommended. In late autumn, sets with dresses accompanied by a coat look great, and in winter, opt for wrap coats and festive dresses or trousers for Christmas Eve, both at work and with family.

Ekskluzywna polska marka odzieżowa prezentuje nową kolekcję czerwonych stylizacji damskich. Wizytowe sukienki z długim ręakwem, czerwone garnitury damskie z szerokimi spodniami, nowoczesne garsonki i sukienki do pracy.

Symbolism of the colour red

The symbolism of the colour red is extremely rich. In most cultures, it is considered a symbol of life forces, passion, fire and strength. It is a colour that attracts attention, emphasises energy and is often used in official symbols, coats of arms and flags. Red is also associated with power, strength, majesty, and is often used in palace stylings and on the theatrical, operatic stage.

We use the colour red when styling for events where we need to manifest strength, courage, draw attention.

For which celebrations do we wear red creations?

Red styles are perfect for joyful celebrations such as weddings and balls. Red dresses, jumpsuits and women’s ensembles are recommended for wedding celebrations. Red ball gowns are perfect for galas and balls. Creations in this energetic colour also work well as an expressive choice in diplomatic, business situations. Elegant women’s costumes and suits, as well as modern and fashionable women’s suits, are the ideal choice for women in a representative high position at work. And the flagship example of red styling a sexy red dress for a romantic dinner.

De Marco szycie na miarę Kraków, Warszawa, Wrocław, Szczecin, Gdynia, Gdańsk, Rzeszów, Poznań, ... krawiectwo miarowe on-line czerwone stylizacje dla kobiety po 40 tce, 50 tce, 60 tce

Where is it inappropriate to go out in a red outfit?

It is advisable to avoid this colour for more subdued and calm ceremonies, such as funerals, a visit to a museum commemorating war victims, etc. We also do not recommend red creations for job interviews or exams. Anywhere else where a flamboyant attitude is not desirable.

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Who suits the colour red?

When choosing a red colour, it is worth paying attention to your beauty type. This shade looks great with the stereotypical Spanish beauty type, with a dark complexion and dark hair. Blondes, brunettes and brunettes, especially those with tanned skin, also look great in red styles.

Who doesn’t like the colour red?

For ladies with a cool, purple skin tone, we do not recommend this colour, as it can accentuate all skin flaws. Which gives an unfavourable effect. This problem usually disappears with the first rays of summer sun. Red-coloured outfits are also not recommended for women with red hair, who will look much better in orange and green outfits. After all, choosing the right colour is the art of emphasising our strengths and creating a harmonious style.

What colour goes well with red clothing?

Eleganckie czerwone kreacje damskie dla kobiety w dojrzałym wieku. Szykowne biurowe, wizytowe, dyplomatyczne i biznesowe komplety damskie dla 40 latki, 50 latki, 60 latki. De Marco markowy polski sklep

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The colour red is combined with the neutral colours of pale and black. Red goes well with gold and yellow shades and the contrasting colour green. We can also combine it with navy blue.


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