Luksusowa odzież damska, suknie wieczorowe i balowe dla 50 latki i 60 latki na rocznicę ślubu

How to dress for an anniversary? De Marco’s exclusive dresses for your wedding anniversary

Exclusive dresses for your wedding anniversary. Made-to-measure dresses for your marriage anniversary.

What to wear to celebrate your 25th wedding anniversary? How to dress for a marriage anniversary? What to wear to your 30th, 40th, 50th wedding anniversary? We present elegant, stylish dresses and formal sets perfect for a marriage anniversary. Luxurious creations for a silver, gold or diamond wedding anniversary from the renowned Polish designer of the First Lady of the Republic of Poland – Władysława Frączek.

Luksusowe marki odzieżowe polskie De Marco suknia na jubileusz, rocznicę ślubu,

Our beautiful client, together with her spouse and designer – Wladyslawa Frączek, during the fitting of a bespoke gown based on a gold jacquard maxi dress the evening gown Nunilona IV– for her marriage anniversary celebrations.

How to dress for your wedding anniversary? Luxurious bright evening creations from Polish manufacturer De Marco

What outfit should I choose for such a special day as an anniversary or marriage jubilee? For many reasons, the answer cannot be clear-cut, as the choice of styling depends on many factors. Certainly the dress or set should be unique and definitely refer to the wonderful and unforgettable emotions we felt on the wedding day. Styles referring to the wedding dresses look great – and this reference may be in various aspects – cut, colours, fabrics or characteristic accessories.

Jedwabne suknie do ślubu cywilnego lub na jubileusz małżeństwa.

Luxurious evening creations in a light colour scheme of muted ash are the perfect example of styling for a lavish wedding anniversary party. The perfect column gown Nunilona II, Anatolia evening gown with silk embellished shawl or Gracjana dress with a beautiful collar-length skirt adorned with pearls – these are exquisite proposals for silver, gold or diamond weddings.

The style of outfit for a wedding anniversary celebration, whether it is the 20th, 30th or, for example, 40th anniversary of marriage – also depends on how you intend to celebrate. If we are organising a formal dinner with family and friends – it is advisable to opt for a formal costume, suit or cocktail dress – such as the Apolonia suit model or the the Sabrina cocktail dress..

However, if you decide to host an anniversary or anniversary party, an evening party – it is worth choosing a creation suitable for the occasion – a luxurious evening dress in which you will feel and look beautiful and sensual – reminding your spouse what a beautiful woman he is honoured to have by his side.

Eleganckie minimalistyczne suknie ślubne dla starszej pani. De Marco

The outfit for your anniversary depends on the type of celebration you have planned. If you are organising a festive dinner – wear an exclusive dress, e.g. a jacquard, golden Aurora II. If the celebration is planned for the evening hours – it is worth “betting” on a maxi creation, e.g. a beautiful set of dresses with a jacket – in a royal style – Nunilona IV or cocktail Paloma, with a golden jacquard peplite motif.

Wedding anniversary. What dress for your wedding anniversary? What to wear to a silver golden anniversary?

A wedding anniversary or round anniversary party is an increasingly popular way to celebrate these special moments. They can be organised by the spouses themselves, but also often by the offspring – as an anniversary gift. A lavish party is often organised in a hall, similar to a wedding reception, especially as anniversaries with a solemn renewal of marriage vows are also becoming more common. These are held at any time during the marriage, but the most popular are vow renewals with family and friends on the day of celebrating round anniversaries – tin (10th wedding anniversary), porcelain (20th anniversary), silver (25th anniversary), sapphire (45th anniversary), gold (50th wedding anniversary) or diamond (60th wedding anniversary).

sukienka na rocznicę ślubu szyta na miarę u projektanta. De Marco ekskluzywna polska odzież.

Choosing a luxurious, extremely glamorous and sensual creation allows you to remind your spouse what a beautiful and alluring woman he was lucky enough to take as his wife. In the photo: a wonderful couple, who visited our Atelier, for a fitting of a tailor-made creation ordered for their wedding anniversary. The creation was based on the model of the Nunilona IV maxi dress in beautiful gold jacquard. For lovers of cooler shades, we offer the also silver Nunilona III gown..

W co się ubrać na rocznicę ślubu? Jaka sukienka na rocznicę ślubu? Jak się ubrac na 10 rocznicę ślubu? Jaka sukienka na 50 lecie ślubu? De Marco polskie suknie wizytowe i balowe szyte na miarę

Celebrating a marriage anniversary or jubilee is a special moment, often with children and grandchildren. It is worth choosing a striking, elegant creation for the occasion. For this occasion, we especially recommend exclusive creations made of jacquard fabric, which perfectly keep the shape created by the designer’s hand, so that even ladies of mature age, often underestimating the qualities of their figure, will feel beautiful and truly unique. Pictured: great Nunilona set,Macarena II jacket and dress set and gold Aurora II formal dress..


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