Ekskluzywny płaszcz krótki szyty na miarę w De Marco. Płaszcze damskie z wełny i kaszmiru.

De Marco’s exclusive coat for the autumn-winter season Polish women’s coats in wool and cashmere

Women’s coats in wool and cashmere from De Marco Exclusive coat: elegant wool jacket from De Marco for the autumn-winter season

Are you dreaming of a formal ensemble full of temperament and style for the autumn chill? Are you planning styling for an important winter event? Our beautiful autumn-winter formal ensemble, based on a wool blazer, is the perfect proof that even in September, October or January, you can look stylish and keep yourself comfortable and protected from the cold.

Ekskluzywny płaszcz krótki w czerwonym kolorze. Elegancka odzież damska sklep internetowy De Marco

De Marco outerwear in intense colours ideal for cold weather

The autumn/winter period is often a time when we forgo our favourite colours in favour of outerwear that is more readily available, subdued in colour and in tune with the capricious weather. Although coats, jackets or warmer jackets are widely available, more often than not, manufacturers focus on providing thermal comfort, overlooking aesthetic considerations. De Marco is well aware that the elegant woman, wants to look stylish all year round – whatever the weather. That is why, in our Atelier and on our online shop website, we offer our customers a range of stylish outerwear – coats or warm jackets and blazers that will allow you to create beautiful and elegant outfits in your favourite colours, even in cold weather.

Shorter days and perceptibly lower temperatures do not have to mean giving up your favourite colours and beautiful, stylish outfits. As a renowned manufacturer of luxury De Marco women’s clothing, we are well aware that women also want to look unique and striking in autumn and winter. For autumn-winter 2023/2024, we recommend an extremely stylish and striking short woollen jacket, which can also successfully function as a coat, in sensual red – Cyrena..

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Elegant and versatile short wool coat for autumn-winter 2023/2024

Exclusive women’s coats manufacturer De Marco

A warm coat or stylish jacket for cold temperatures is an essential wardrobe item – especially when it stands out for its timeless cut and versatile use. Such is our exclusive red wool coat with a classic casual cut – Cyrena. It will be perfect for both formal sets and styling with trousers, as well as a skirt or dress. Whether going out with friends, a romantic date, an exhibition, a concert or a party. The enormous styling possibilities provided by the woollen jacket for autumn/winter Cyrena – will ensure many successful and striking creations, which will wrap you in pleasant warmth while allowing you to feel beautiful and sensual.

De Marco women’s wool and cashmere coats

The short woollen coat Cyrena is a short woollen jacket/coat which is a perfect base for creations of different character and degree of formality. It goes well with, for example, the classic Nela formal dress for a red total look, the tempting and sexy Viana maxi skirt or the sensual Amira trousers. The Cyrena wool short coat is a guarantee of a stylish and truly characterful look for any occasion.

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Red formal set for a winter wedding

De Marco women’s wool and cashmere coats

We particularly recommend our exclusive woollen jacket in shades of red, for the most important celebrations and events, both family, cultural and professional. The dignity and royal chic characterising the short coat Cyrena, makes it possible to build a formal styling that cannot be ignored. The De Marco wool blazer in duet with a luxurious formal dress and interesting accessories – will provide a sense of beauty and uniqueness.

Ekskluzywny płaszcz krótki w czerwonym kolorze. Elegancka odzież damska sklep internetowy De Marco

If you are a Wedding Mum and are looking for the perfect outfit for your child’s wedding – taking place in autumn or winter, celebrating an important anniversary or going to a lavish party – we recommend the Cyrena short formal warm jacket with, for example, the beautiful Minerwa II , Rhiannon or Olena dress.To add even more character to the styling, we also recommend our fancy accessories, led by the beautiful hand-moulded fascinators.


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