Jak powinna wyglądać kobieta biznesu, nauki i polityki? Eleganckie sukienki i żakiety dla kobiet na stanowisku

Fashionable business and diplomatic styling with a pea motif. Elegant Polka Dot dress

Elegant dress with jacket. Fashionable business and diplomatic styling with a pea motif. Elegant Polka Dot dress

Are you looking for an exclusive, presentable business or diplomatic style combining subdued elegance and the latest trends? Do you value in business fashion the possibility to combine classics with invigorating trends? Introducing a bespoke, luxurious formal dress with the most fashionable Polka Dot motif combined with an elegant De Marco jacket. All in a stylish colour scheme of white and navy blue.

Our client, Ms Iwona Gibas, Member of the Board of Directors of the Malopolska Region, in a creation from Atelier De Marco – a formal dress in polka dots paired with Elegant jacket Miriam, during the ceremonial signing of the agreement for the co-management of the Auschwitz Memorial Museum with the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.
White and navy blue is one of the most desirable duos in business or diplomatic creations. Source: facebook.com

Pea dresses: Classics with a touch of extravagance for business style

The polka dot motif is one of the timeless, extremely popular and appreciated trends. Although polka dots are primarily associated with parties – especially cocktail dresses – the motif can also be used for many business and diplomatic meetings and events. The polka dot dress is an elegant way to inject a bit of extravagance and energy into a classic dress code look.

Available in our Atelier and on the De Marco shop website, the elegant Aniela cocktail dress with Polka Dot motif is a great base not only for styling for celebrations – wedding, anniversary, birthday; but also for business meetings or cultural events.

A simple formal dress with the classic cut of a midi length flared dress, thanks to its muted colours, will also work well for a formal, business or diplomatic set. All you need to do is complement it with the right top garment, such as an elegant, tailored jacket. Make sure it matches the colour of the base dress, which will give the whole composition the right harmony.

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Polka Dot Power: How to wear business dresses with a distinctive pattern

Not every pea dress will be suitable for creating a cohesive business or formal look. It is important to balance the energetic and bold pea pattern skilfully and not let it dominate the whole look. So how do you wear Polka Dot pattern dresses in business or diplomatic situations? It is worth taking care of the right colour scheme. If you opt for a bold and distinctive polka dot pattern, let it be a dress with a simple, classic cut. Equally important is the choice of colours. In order to maintain the authority and dignified character of the creation – use colours that are generally considered to be the colours of authority – white, navy blue or black.

The Aniela formal dress with its trendy pea motif is a great alternative to plain, subdued business dresses. Properly styled, it will attract the attention of attendees and inspire admiration and appreciation.

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Dresses with a pea motif. A must-have for every woman’s wardrobe

De Marco’s pea-shaped dresses, with their unique energy, timeless cuts and universal character – are perfect for a variety of occasions. Its charm and elegance is appreciated by our customers, including Iwona Gibas, who has used the Aniela dress from the De Marco line and the De Marco jacket to create perfect diplomatic women’s outfits, as well as our First Lady Agata Kornhauser-Duda. The wife of President Andrzej Duda, wearing a bespoke De Marco dress with a Polka Dot motif, appeared in the promotional material of her initiative “Hear the Children”.

First Lady of the Republic of Poland – Agata Kornhauser-Duda in an elegant dress with a Polka Dot motif from our Atelier De Marco. Source: gov.pl


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