Ponadczasowa sukienka koszulowa w stylu smart casual. Elegancka szmizjerka od projektantki Władysławy Frączek

Elegant emery from designer Wladyslawa Frączek

A timeless shirt dress in a smart casual style. Elegant schmisserie from the designer Wladyslawa Frączek

Extremely comfortable, yet elegant. Beautifully emphasising the feminine curves, although created on the basis of an elegant, masculine shirt. The emery, or shirt dress, is invariably one of women’s favourite cuts, gracefully combining chic and class with comfort. What makes the shirt dress so popular? How to wear a chemise? Here is an exclusive unbuttoned dress from Polish designer Władysława Frączek.

A unique, navy blue midi length Adriene dress.Ideal formal styling for sunny autumns and winters.

De Marco fashionable dresses in slimmer styles

Emery in the salons. Where did it come from?

Trendy shirt dresses by De Marco

While attending a horse race, the French designer created it hastily from a man’s shirt. As soon as she arrived at the event, she found that her outfit was too elegant for the circumstances. So she asked one of the men present to lend her a shirt – from which she instantly created an unfussy look.

Elegant midi chemise

Adriene navy blue unbuttoned shirt dress
by Polish designer and stylist Wladyslawa Frączek.

How to wear the most fashionable shirt dress?

A timeless shirt dress in a smart casual style. Elegant schmisserie from the designer Wladyslawa Frączek

The name that is commonly used for this timeless shirt dress – the schmisserie – comes from the French word ‘chemisière’, which means shirting. Because of these strong roots, in an element of the men’s wardrobe – the cut of the schmisser is modelled precisely on the classic men’s shirt. The characteristic features of the shirt dress, therefore, are the front button fastening, the collar or the cuffs.

A schmisserie is a creation modelled on a men’s shirt. Designed by Władysława Frączek, the Adriene midi shirt dress also refers to this classic element of men’s attire.

Shirt dress with belt and sleeves, midi length, oversize

Thanks to its distinctive elements characteristic of an elegant men’s shirt, the schmisserie is a dress that can successfully form the basis of everyday outfits, not only for a meeting with friends, a romantic stroll, or styling for the office. If complemented with the right accessories, it can serve as an elegant dress for an exhibition, an informal business meeting or a cultural event. The ease with which the open midi dress transforms from an everyday outfit to a very elegant formal outfit makes it one of the essential cuts in a woman’s wardrobe.

Adriene midi cocktail dress – takes on a character depending on the accessories used. Complemented, for example, with stilettos and a necklace, it will make a beautiful, elegant styling for special occasions, including family occasions. Thanks to its very elegant deep blue colour, it is also ideal for business meetings or for representative functions at various cultural events.

Adriene’s exclusive emery dress – who does it suit?

Elegant De Marco shirt dresses

This timeless dress with a drawstring waist is suitable for women of all body types. It beautifully emphasises the assets of a woman’s figure. Ladies with fuller hips or massive thighs will, thanks to the flared bottom of the Adriene shirt dress, perfectly conceal them, shifting the emphasis to the waistline and bolder neckline. On the other hand, for ladies whose hips are narrower than the shoulder line – the flared cut will even out the proportions. The 3/4 sleeve with an elegant cuff adds lightness to the silhouette by sensually exposing the wrists.

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An open-front dress with waist tie – Adriene,
is an excellent option for different body types.

De Marco shirt dress with belt

The Universal cut of the blouson schmiss dress-is a great choice for a variety of occasions. Order it today via our online shop or contact us for an appointment at our Atelier.






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