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The most fashionable women’s suits and dinner jackets for mum’s wedding De Marco

The most fashionable women’s suits and dinner jackets for mums of weddings.

De Marco Exclusive sets for mum weddings with trousers: suit and dinner jacket for women evening.

Modern women’s styling with trousers for a wedding. Formal trouser set with waistcoat

Women’s waistcoat. A wardrobe element that, although strongly associated with business attire, can be a delightful basis for a spectacular outfit for special occasions. Is a ladies’ waistcoat set suitable as a wedding outfit? How do you put together a women’s waistcoat to look unique, feminine and with character? Here is a stunning wedding styling trend from Polish designer Władysława Frączek.

An original, extremely feminine formal set with trousers and camisole with an American neckline. The perfect wedding creation for women who appreciate comfort, spectacular entrances and styling with character.

Elegant evening ensembles with trousers.

Women’s jacquard waistcoat. When to wear it and what to combine it with?

The most fashionable women’s suits and dinner jackets for mums of weddings.

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Like the suit, the waistcoat, like no other item of clothing, evokes strong associations with everyday, formal business attire. And rightly so. The three-piece women’s suit is a styling that is regarded as a model example of elegant business attire for both men and women. The set of classic, straight formal trousers with a waistcoat and jacket looks great on the silhouette, elongating and slimming it.

Exclusive Mira II women’s suit complete with fancy jacquard halter waistcoat.

The most fashionable women’s suits and dinner jackets for mums of weddings

A well-cut and perfectly tailored waistcoat made of high-quality materials can therefore also be a wonderful, although probably for some – a bit surprising proposal for special occasions, parties or, above all, weddings. Designed by the esteemed designer Władysława Frączek, the waistcoat delights with its fresh and original approach to women’s fashion. The ladies’ formal sleeveless gilet, sewn from fancy jacquard, ensures the creation of a creation that will attract attention and is sure to be an exceptional style among the gathered guests.

Elegant short jacquard waistcoat with neckline with revealed back and halter fastening – Mirabella III, matched with flared trousershigh-waisted formal Hermina III.
Elegant and unfussy set for a wedding reception in delicate heather colour.

Fashionable modern women’s party waistcoat. How to wear it?

A formal waistcoat from the Polish designer Władysława Frączek, is distinguished by a bold American neckline and the use of high-quality jacquard fabric with a beautiful pattern, which makes it possible to keep jewellery to a minimum.The waistcoat is definitely the main element of a styling with trousers, which attracts admiring glances, creates an aura of mystery, authority, emphasising the determined character of the person wearing it.

The refined American-style waistcoat line,
exquisitely accentuates the bust line and feminine waistline.

Women’s evening dinner jacket Mira II

The visionary jacquard waistcoat is available in the delicate heather Mirabella III and in the light indigo Mirabella II.

The most fashionable suits and dinner jackets for women by De Marco. Exclusive three-piece sets are original fashion proposals for 2023 for mum and mother-in-law’s wedding.

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The most fashionable women’s suits and dinner jackets for mums of weddings

De Marco luxury women’s suit: long blazer with wide high-waisted trousers, complete with a jacquard waistcoat for a chic look. Fashion hit of 2023

Elegant evening sets with trousers, online shop of the Polish designer of exclusive women’s clothing Wladyslawa Frączek, De Marco online shop..

The most fashionable women’s suits and dinner jackets for mum’s wedding is fashionable styling 2023.

Unique exclusive women’s dinner jackets as an evening unique look for the independent woman.

For cooler evenings, we recommend the combination of a waistcoat with trousers and an outer garment – a jacket in the version of a women’s three-piece suit Mira II or Erna.

What to wear to your child’s wedding in autumn and winter? The most fashionable women’s suits and dinner jackets for the mum of the wedding.

Unique styles from the designer of exclusive women’s clothing from Frydrychowice. View photos and fashion inspiration on the branded online shop with luxury Polish women’s clothing: De Marco online store.

Unique exclusive women’s dinner jackets for mum weddings 2023

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