Eleganckie żółte sukienki, garsonki i kostiumy na wesele 2023 od De Marco

Elegant yellow dresses, suits and outfits for the 2023 wedding from De Marco

The most beautiful spring styles for family and corporate celebrations. Elegant yellow dresses, suits and outfits for the 2023 wedding from De Marco.

Perfectly matched with greenery, it brings joy and energy – yellow is consistently a very popular colour among the most fashionable wedding trends. So if you want to look trendy, radiant and fresh yellow is the perfect colour! Here are our suggestions for wedding dresses and creations in shades of yellow for the 2023 wedding.

Yellow is an enduringly popular colour among wedding trends. Our styles for weddings and weddings in shades of yellow are the perfect way to look trendy, elegant and radiant.

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Yellow – wedding and reception trends

Shades of yellow, and other intense colours, are by far one of the most popular trends among the prevailing wedding trends, both in terms of decorations, themes and wedding styling. Why is yellow so popular? We strongly associate shades of this sunny colour with bliss, summer, nature in full bloom, energy for life and enjoyment of every moment. In turn, these positive connotations inspire confidence, self-confidence and optimism.

The Yellow Suzan Wedding Mom Suit is an absolutely unique, stylish creation ideal for both weddings. It will also be the perfect creation for a ceremony at the registry office, even if the bride and groom have planned a lavish dinner for their loved ones instead of a traditional wedding. Perfectly selected, hand-sewn floral appliqués on the lace, enriched with gold beads and zircons, make Suzan’s wedding costume a complete creation, which does not need to be completed with many accessories or or ornate jewellery. Class and style in a sunny, warm-toned edition.

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Dress or costume for wedding 2023 in shades of yellow. Modern colours for a modern wedding

Yellows are colours that cannot be ignored. Among many guests, this colour can come as quite a surprise – especially if they are used to the hitherto considered most suitable white. However, the introduction of other colours into the decorations and elements present at the wedding and reception – can definitely enrich the event, making it memorable for all attendees.

The colour yellow goes well not only with a beautiful formal dress e.g.our royal Celestine dress, but can also successfully impress in the form of a modern suit in this colour or a stylish maxi length gown such as the asymmetrical Sofia dress..

Yellows go well with traditional, classic colours – white, green or royal gold. A yellow wedding dress is therefore also the perfect colour choice for a wedding with a style such as eco, minimalist or rustic.

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The Celestine wedding dress is an extremely chic, elegant creation in an original style. It will fit perfectly into a wedding with a regal, glamour theme, but also rustic or woodsy.






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