Co założyć do ślubu cywilnego? Ekskluzywne suknie ślubne De Marco

Elegant outfits for a civil wedding. What to wear to a civil wedding?

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A civil wedding, like a church wedding, requires an appropriate, elegant outfit. What should you wear to a civil wedding to look elegant and feel special? Is there a specific dress code for a civil wedding? What dresses or outfits are suitable for a wedding at the registry office?

An exquisite set with jacket and long Nunilona gown for a civil wedding.

Designing unique wedding dresses..

De Marco dress for civil wedding.

Dress code at a civil wedding

The marriage ceremony in the Registry Office, which is becoming increasingly popular nowadays, does not entail, contrary to popular belief, the need to choose a lady’s outfit only among styles in white. The most suitable, of course, for the occasion will be formal attire, which will reflect respect for tradition and the solemnity of the Office. White and delicate shades of colour derivatives – are not only the most popular choice, but also considered the most elegant for the occasion. However, we can also opt for bolder colours, such as gold, silver, grey or beige – especially if the ceremony takes place outdoors.

Soft pastels, especially pinks – as in the case of the Gracjan silk dress,
would look perfect as a luxurious creation for your own civil wedding.

Jacquard, gold Leda gown
ideal as a refined creation for a civil wedding.

Civil wedding dresses for 30-year-olds, 40-year-olds, 50-year-olds

Gold wedding dress Leocadia V

De Marco dress for civil and church weddings.

An elegant cocktail dress in Ivory ivory with a touch of beige – Marlen, is also a gorgeous, classic option that would work as a creation for your own civil wedding.

Civil wedding – which outfit to choose? Where to buy dresses for a civil wedding?

Exclusive Wedding Fashion Salon De Marco Malopolska, Wadowice, Frydrychowice.

Your own wedding, whether in the Church, in the Office or outdoors – is a special moment during which we want to look and feel special. Therefore, when planning the outfit, it is worth choosing the one which will clearly emphasise the advantages of our figure and the uniqueness of our beauty. Styles for your own civil wedding may be different – both a dress, a suit, a costume and a ladies’ suit will be suitable. The most important thing is that the styling should emphasise our assets and give us a sense of beauty.

Beautiful embellished long gown wedding dress in ecru – Liliana.

Gowns for civil wedding photos and inspiration on the De Marco online shop luxury Polish brand. 

Vanilla style suit Mila – Pearl III with long skirt.

Beautiful Mila suits, unique bridal sets, elegant dresses for a civil wedding from a Polish designer of exclusive women’s clothing. 

Elegant suit for civil wedding Trini

Civil wedding styling for ladies 40+, 50+

How to dress for your own civil wedding? An exquisite gown, a modern suit or a suit for the bride?

For middle-aged and mature women, an exclusive women’s suit or a tasteful set – a costume with a skirt or dress – is certainly an interesting alternative to the classic dress. A luxurious suit in lighter colours will beautifully accentuate the silhouette, corresponding with the special character of the celebration.

The Original cut, white Eleonora women’s suit will work perfectly as a unique creation for a civil wedding, also for ladies 40+, 50+, 60+.

Lekki asymetryczny płaszcz do sukni Lea

What to wear to a civil wedding in your forties, fifties, sixties…  De Marco online luxury women’s clothing shop.

What to wear to a civil wedding while pregnant? Styles for a civil wedding by De Marco

If we are expecting a baby, which can already be seen from our figure, it will be good to ensure that the outfit is not only appropriate to the circumstances. In the case of the blessed state, one of the most important considerations should definitely be comfort and convenience. So it’s a good idea to choose a style that will give you a beautiful, radiant look, but also stands out with a looser cut, especially in the tummy area.

An elegant dress with a deep neckline in fractured white, Klara is also a gorgeous, classic option that would work as a creation for your own wedding.

The cut of the flared Klara dress, while gently emphasising the allure of the feminine silhouette, is casual, and the addition of Lycra makes the fabric fit the body perfectly, wrapping it pleasantly.

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For the pregnant bride, an ethereal, romantic gown is also suggested for the weddingin the Ellina Greek style. A perfect proposal in cream colour, nicely masking the tummy and providing comfort and freedom in an elegant, classic style.






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