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Evening dress for gala, charity ball 2022

De Marco evening dresses

There are occasions when, although evening wear is obligatory, we can be more daring and original in our choice of styling. This is certainly the case at galas, award ceremonies or charity balls.For these occasions, it is worth choosing an outfit that will make you stand out from the crowd and attract attention. How to achieve this effect elegantly and with class? Does an evening dress for a ball or gala have to be black?

A one-of-a-kind, elegant andsensual Juno evening gown.
Example that the most popular black at the ball,
can successfully catch the eye and arouse the admiration of fellow partygoers.

Evening dress – dress for special occasions

Formal celebrations, galas or balls, allow us to choose our outfits more freely than formal, official meetings. So if you decide to wear an evening dress or a women’s suit to these events, you can use the assets of your figure in a bolder way, exposing your natural beauty.

It is worth making an effort to ensure that the outfit highlights the best of our beauty type and figure.

One of our wonderful clients – Ms Elżbieta Olimpia Jeznach
at a gala organised for the Prof. Zbigniew Religa Cardiac Surgery Development Foundation in Warsaw,
she presented herself in our Eufemia evening gown.

Although shorter dresses can be very elegant, remember that it is the long dress that slims and optically elongates the figure most beautifully.

When deciding on accessories, make sure they are of high quality and enhance our image full of unforced elegance and class.

Evening wear – an underestimated tool

In the same way that everyday business attire is a kind of tool for creating the image of a competent and professional person, evening wear, which we decide on for a big gala, an award ceremony or a charity ball, should also be a non-accidental creation.

Luxurious evening styling by Margaux,
creation for bold women who like to surround themselves with an aura of mystery.

Styles, evening dresses for the aforementioned festivities, should not only stand out, but actually draw attention and be a kind of invitation to interact, both for the assembled guests and the press.

Eragon’s long evening gown, in mature red.
Beautifully shaped, it emphasises the assets of the silhouette –
underlining the waistline and optically slimming the figure.
The tasteful burgundy shawl, can be styled freely, adapting to the circumstances
and our needs.

The role of the media in disseminating our activities and ideas is not insignificant. For this reason, an evening dress or any other outfit for the evening should make it easier for us to make contacts, opening the way for us to reach a larger audience, beyond the gathered ones.

In this case, bold, yet classy creations; eye-catching, elegant colours; unconventional designs or cuts – will allow us to promote the noble ideas behind our business or bring home our business values.

Exclusive dress in deep pink – Eufemia,
with its beautiful lines and expressive colours, it will allow
you to stand out and emphasise your femininity in an elegant way.
The Euphemia dress is perfect for an award ceremony or charity ball,
providing us with press attention.

De Marco evening gowns for gala, charity ball made-to-measure.


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