An evening outfit unlike any other, power dressing – women’s suits

Exclusive black women’s suit.

De Marco power dressing – women’s suits

At a sumptuous formal party or celebration we want to present ourselves in a style that will attract admiring glances and make us stand out, among the multitude of beautifully dressed women.But what if we are not very comfortable in an evening dress? How do you create an outfit that is original, elegant and sensual at the same time? What to wear to a special event or New Year’s Eve party?

Luxury ladies’ suit

Miranda evening suit.
A simple way to look
exclusive and unique.

Luxury ladies’ suit

Original exclusive black women’s suits with unique appliqués.

Camille III Elegant Suit Online Shop De Marco

The perfect silhouette? It doesn’t exist!

While surely every woman has dreamt at least once of the figure commonly considered ideal, nature has blessed us with different figures.Not all of us can boast the proportions of Marilyn Monroe or Naomi Campbell.

Contrary to popular belief, however, what we may consider a flaw in our eyes, to others, properly styled, can be our strongest point, worth highlighting.

The key is to choose the right creation, tailored to our needs and in tune with our personality.For sure, one evening outfit in which we will have the opportunity to impress not only those gathered, but above all ourselves – is the women’s evening suit.

The Penelope II trouser set,
sets the perfect base for styling.
By changing the accessories, we can change the character of the whole outfit.

Frack jacket with Hana II trousers –
a stylised jacket with beautiful, original lines
combined with stylish cigarette trousers.

Evening power dressing – women’s suit

Power dressing is a fashion trend that focuses on styles that allow us to clearly manifest our competence and professionalism.The women’s suit fits perfectly in this direction. Women wearing it attract attention with their self-confidence, firmness, determination, while at the same time looking sensual and intriguing.

Ladies’ business suit black

Exclusive black Eduard II women’s suit.
Channel-type jacket, richly decorated with
appliqué imitation black pearls.

Elegant women’s suits for women with a short fit.

Elegant Eduarda ladies suit

Black – always in fashion

The choice of colour in a style, like the cut, should not be random. One of the most popular colours for evening wear is black – and rightly so.It is a colour with no competition when it comes to optically slimming the figure.

Although it is perfect as a background for other colours, it also looks great in the ‘foreground’. It is the colour of choice for original, interesting and original women.

Ladies’ formal suits for women with a long fit.

Monochrome evening set – Ann II women’s suit,
perfectly slims and optically elongates the silhouette.

The evening set in black suggests maturity, experience and high competence. At the same time, despite the apparent calmness it carries, it is definitely a colour that is sensual and full of mystery.

Visiting women’s suits emphasising the waist.

Intriguing combination of women’s asymmetrical tailcoat with elegant cigarette trousers

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