De Marco Elegancki płaszczyk do sukienki na wesele

Exclusive ball gown coat from a Polish designer

Elegant dress coat for wedding, bridal and other outings

Which coat to wear with an evening dress?

Which coat for the wedding?

What coat to wear with a maxi dress?

The outer garment for an evening or ball gown is a kind of crowning touch to the whole styling. What should the coat be like for a long dress? Can the cover-up for a ball gown be shorter than the dress itself? Here are our luxurious suggestions of exquisite coats designed by Polish designer Władysława Frączek.

Exclusive transition coat for ball gown and evening dress – Lea.
The beautiful line of the coat is complemented by the elegant colour scheme
and the royal gold hand-sewn embroidery.

What to wear as an outer garment with an evening ball gown?

Outerwear for an elegant long gown – whether for a ball or a lavish party, will of course depend on the weather conditions. In spring or summer – a luxurious shawl or bolero suitably matched to the cut and colour of the gown will certainly suffice. In the case of colder evenings, especially in autumn and winter – it is definitely necessary to take into account the appropriate covering protecting from low temperatures – already at the stage of choosing the styling.
In winter – the most appropriate covering for a ball gown will certainly be futro oran elegant gown coat.

Which coat to wear with an evening dress?

Which coat for the wedding?

What coat to wear with a maxi dress?

The beautiful jacquard coat long Hymena W8,
is the perfect complement to a refined ball gown.

Does the coat on top of a long ball gown have to be long?

Coat to dress for wedding, gala, New Year’s Eve.

A stylish complement to a luxurious maxi ball gown is, of course, an elegant coat in the same length. A long, luxurious coat that protects the entirety of an evening or ball gown looks classic and extremely dignified. However, it is worth knowing that the use of a shorter coat in your styling – not only is not a deviation or a breach of the dress code rules, but also often – in combination with the dress itself, allows for a more interesting effect.

The length of a coat for a ball gown is not clearly defined. We can opt for a maxi length gown coat, as well as shorter coats or coats with asymmetrical lines. The most important thing is to choose the outer garment that best complements the overall styling. A great example of this is the captivating, extremely feminine dress coat Nydia II and Nydia– distinguished by its sensual asymmetry.

The perfect outer garment for a ball gown

De Marco Coat for wedding, fairytale and evening dresses.

For a cohesive and stylish effect, it’s worth ensuring that what we wear on top of an elegant ball gown also stands out in cut and style. Even the most beautiful ball gown, which we cover with a worn coat or fur coat – can make the effect that we have been working on all day.In addition to choosing the right length for the creation, care should also be taken especially about the cut and cut appropriate to the occasion. Choose a coat that tastefully emphasises feminine qualities, such as the waistline, and does not upset the proportions of the body.

The Elegant dress coat – Bogna, is all about refined details and a beautiful,
slimmer waist cut.

Long, heavily contoured dress coat – Atlanta,
welcomes with classic simplicity and lines beautifully accentuating the beauty of the female figure

Elegant dress coat for weddings, balls and galas.

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