Ekskluzywna sukienka dla mamy weselnej w komplecie z wizytowym płaszczem

Exclusive dress for wedding mum complete with formal coat

De Marco Exclusive coat and dress for wedding mum. Branded online store with luxury Polish women’s clothing.

Elegant formal set dress with coat for a wedding in September and October.

The exclusive wedding mum dress, complete with a fashionable formal coat in the same shade, is a unique luxury set that we tailor to any size small or large. This elegant classic dress, with a simple pencil cut, is enriched with a hand-stitched embroidered appliqué, which not only adds charm but also optically slims the silhouette.

How to dress for a wedding in September and October?

Lightweight coat and dress for wedding mum – De Marco online shop .

Halia’s Elegant wedding dress coat, slightly longer than the dress itself, is the epitome of elegance. A modern, on-trend touch comes in the raised puff sleeves, adding a unique touch to the creation. The light beige colour of the coat, embellished with gold accessories, emphasises the solemn nature of the ceremony and exudes elegance.

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Branded bespoke dress for wedding mum

This exclusive set for the mother of the wedding is tailor-made. As a result, the fora are adjusted to the client’s needs, taking into account different body shapes. The shade of beige is also individually selected to suit the beauty type. As a result, this elegant formal style is perfectly suited to the tall and plump wedding mum as well as the short one with a tummy. Our experience and tailoring skills allow us to customise the cut to ensure a perfect fit and bring out the natural beauty of each client.

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Be sure to check out De Marco’s new collection! Unique styling in a royal style. Exceptional designs by Władysława Frączek, a Polish designer of luxury women’s clothing.

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Exclusive sets for mother of the wedding dress with coat or jacket

Creating exclusive women’s sets is a real passion and challenge for us. We are committed to making every wedding mum feel special and beautiful on her special day. That’s why we carefully select fabrics of the highest quality, take care of precision workmanship, and our tailoring craftsmanship guarantees not only perfect stitching, but also durability and wearing comfort. So that each of our customers will be positively remembered by those attending the ceremony. So that the child, together with their new spouse, will feel the joy of worthily co-celebrating this important day in the life of the whole family. And so that, years later, when they look at the photograph with their grandchildren, they can listen with satisfaction to the sweet exclamations of joy: “Grandma, did you look so beautiful at Mummy and Daddy’s wedding? :) 

An exclusive wedding mum dress complete with a fashionable coat is the essence of elegance and luxury. We create every detail with the utmost care to ensure our clients have an unforgettable experience and a perfect look. We invite you to our atelier in Frydrychowice, where our team of professionals will assist and advise you to create a unique set that will fulfil all your expectations and dreams.


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