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De Marco exclusive dresses for weddings

Exclusive dresses for weddings, unique jacket sets for mature women, styling in natural silk,

The Atelier of Władysława Frączek, a well-known Polish stylist and fashion designer, is a place where exclusive tailor-made dresses for weddings are created. Each of these original creations is designed individually, taking into account the silhouette, type of beauty and preferences of the client, which makes our dresses unique. In this post, we would like to introduce you to three evening gowns in a beautiful ash shade that will perfectly accentuate the beauty of the woman wearing them.

Exclusive evening gown with shawl in natural silk.

Elegant and classic dresses for mature ladies. Luxurious silk styling for the wedding mother

The first of these, the Anatoli gowna truly regal creation. With a silk etolo and embellished neckline with Swarovski zircons, this subtle gown exudes elegance. Made from a viscose blend, this comfortable dress fabric sits beautifully on the body, allowing for a minimalist creation with impeccable seams and cuts.

Minimalist fishnet dress for mum’s wedding

Elegant dresses for mature ladies De Marco shop for exclusive tailor-made women’s clothing.

The second choice is the Nunilona dress, which is not only comfortable but also stunning. This long maxi dress is the perfect choice for a wedding mum in 2023. Made from knitted embroidery, this minimalist fishtail cut dress with slit presents simplicity and impeccable elegance. It’s an exclusive styling choice for mum and mother-in-law to wear to their son or daughter’s wedding.

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Two-piece dress for a wedding, De Marco unique tailored dresses

Exclusive wedding dress for mother of the bride or groom. Long fishnet dress

The Exclusive Nila long dress is the quintessence of elegance and luxury. It consists of a lace knitted long-sleeved blouse that adds subtlety, and a dress with a deep neckline and a beautiful slit that emphasises feminine sensuality.

This minimalist evening creation in an ash and silver shade is the perfect choice for the temperamental wedding mother. It adds glamour and sophistication. It will also be perfect for a ball, gala or banquet.

The exclusive Nila gown is unique in its simplicity, while highlighting a woman’s assets and adding confidence. Its sophisticated styling makes every woman feel beautiful and special at any time.

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Polish premium brand. De Marco exclusive dresses for weddings

Our Polish brand De Marco wedding dresses are synonymous with luxury and sophisticated style. Each of our creations is carefully crafted from high quality materials to ensure a perfect fit and a unique look. Our brand is a combination of Polish tailoring craftsmanship and international fashion trends, making our dresses unique and distinctive.

Welcome to our Atelier, where we create bespoke gowns, tailored to the individual needs and dreams of our clients. Our De Marco wedding dresses are a premium luxury brand that guarantees the highest quality and unique style. We transform dreams into reality, making our clients feel beautiful, confident and special on their special day.


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