Wyjątkowa jedwabna sukienka casual Iga idealna na lato

Exclusive dresses for summer. De Marco natural silk dresses

Exclusive Iga silk casual dress perfect for summer. Exclusive dresses for summer.

Summer holiday time is a time when we can dispense with formal, formal styles. Here is our unique proposal for summer 2022 – easy to style, extremely comfortable and convenient. The perfect dress for holidays, meetings with friends or a romantic dinner on a warm summer evening.

The Iga silk dress for summer is our unique proposal,
which combines extraordinary wearing comfort and convenience, with casual elegance.

The perfect look for a summer holiday

What do we require of summer styling? The holiday season allows us to feel freedom and liberty from the usually strict dress code rules that apply to us at the office, business meetings or diplomacy. When packing your suitcase for your holiday, it is a good idea to take along a dress that is suitable for high temperatures, while still allowing you to feel feminine, fashionable and, above all, comfortable. The ideal summer outfit should therefore be characterised by a figure-perfect, possibly looser cut and the use of high-quality materials that are breathable and provide a pleasant cooling sensation on the skin.

The casual, loose yet sensual cut of the Iga dress is perfect for
daytime, such as a hiking trip;
as well as for a romantic dinner or evening pool party.

Natural silk perfect for a luxury holiday. Exclusive dresses for summer.

Creations sewn from natural fabrics are the best solution for discerning people, especially those who struggle with allergies. Silk creations, allow to maintain the balance of microflora on the skin and are not allergenic. Dresses sewn from silk are therefore an excellent choice especially during high temperatures – it has high thermoregulatory properties, allowing the skin to breathe. Silk also has hygroscopic properties, allowing it to absorb up to 30% of water vapour.

Silk is a natural fabric with excellent thermoregulatory properties.It is hygroscopic and non-allergenic, which will certainly be appreciated especially by people with allergies.Silk dresses will therefore be a great option for holidays and beyond.

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One summer dress, many possibilities

A short, airy dress with a charming, asymmetrical cut Iga – thanks to the cut under the bust and the rather loose line, it sits beautifully on the body – especially on the move when the warm summer wind blows. The beautiful colour in a warm shade of lavender makes it possible to build many outfits for various occasions. The Iga short dress will go well with light summer footwear – sandals or even flip-flops, as well as with elegant summer pumps. Complete the dress with light, occasion-appropriate jewellery, a bit of tan and a smile – you are sure to look exceptional!

The Iga silk short dress is a styling staple for a variety of occasions,as exemplified by our wonderful client, who skilfully constructeda stunning casual evening look.

Many thanks to Ms Wesolowski for providing the photographs from her own collection. Best regards and we wish you much success. :D <3






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