Ekskluzywna garsonka dla mamy pana młodego. De Marco Luksusowa polska marka

Exclusive formal suit for the mother of the groom by De Marco

Exclusive jacquard formal suit for Mother of the Groom De Marco

Exclusive Suit for Mom of the Wedding

The jacquard formal costume is the perfect creation for the Mother of the Groom for a stylish, elegant wedding ceremony. A fitted suit with a beautiful pattern and muted colours – will make us look chic and extremely stylish during the special celebrations.

Ekskluzywna garsonka dla mamy pana młodego. De Marco Luksusowa polska marka

A perfectly tailored formal suit with a beautiful jacquard pattern is a great way to go chic at one of the most important celebrations for the whole family – the wedding and reception of a Son or Daughter. Our beautiful client, Ms. Zdenka Bialkowa, chose for the occasion a bespoke, luxurious jacquard costume in muted colours, designed by esteemed designer Władysława Frączek. Tamar’s exquisite departure suita creation in the style of British aristocracy, perfectly modelling the figure and reflecting the solemnity and solemnity of the ceremony.

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Fashionable jacquard formal suit in the style of Hollywood stars

Jacquard fabric has been extremely popular since a special loom was constructed and the technique for weaving it developed in the 19th century. Jacquard, with its beautiful double-sided patterns – is used both in interior design and in exclusive women’s and men’s fashion. The unique charm and elegance of jacquard fabric is appreciated by the world’s greatest fashion designers, and their beautiful jacquard designs are worn by the well-known and admired – including Meghan Markle, Olivia Palermo, Amal Clooney and Celine Dion.

Jacquard creations – thanks to their fanciful and at the same time extremely refined patterns – are very popular among the biggest stars of the world of fashion, culture and art. Jacquard fabric looks fantastic in designs for luxurious cocktail dresses, formal or evening suits and transitional coats. An excellent example of this are the creations designed by Władysława Frączek – De Marco’s Chrystian IX line, including the sleeveless retro dress Leokadia VI, the Lokadia VI flared dress with an exquisite jacquard jacket or the stunning jacquard fabric exit dress with long skirt- Tamara..

Exclusive formal suit for the mother of the groom

Elegant for your son’s wedding

Creations dedicated to Mums Weddings for the wedding and reception of a Son or Daughter are special projects. Not only because of the special nature and solemnity of the ceremony, but also because of the range of requirements that a wedding styling for Mum must meet. What should the ideal creation for a Wedding Mum be like? First of all, elegant. After all, the attention of the assembled guests is focused not only on the newlyweds themselves, but also on their parents. They are a kind of “showpiece” of the bride and groom and the whole event.The ideal creation for the Wedding Mum should also be universal. After all, a wedding day involves a number of different events and circumstances – from the very formal and solemn, such as the blessing ceremonies or the service in the Church, to the casual fun on the dance floor late into the night.

Najpiękniejsza elegancka garsonka na wesele dla mamy pana młodego. Elegancko na ślub syna

The dress or costume for the Mother of the Wedding should be elegant but also very comfortable. After all, a child’s wedding day is a huge organisational challenge, requiring a huge commitment from the parents. The ideal wedding outfit for the Mother of the Bride and Groom is definitely one that will provide a stunning look and maximum comfort. Just like our beautiful and perfectly fitting on the body – Tamara formal dress, sewn in Poland from jacquard fabric with a stunning pattern.

Comfort and wearability should not be forgotten either. Let’s remember that our appearance reflects our mood perfectly. Discomfort or a feeling of restricted movement – will be visible both on our face and in the way we move. Therefore, it is worth opting for designs that are exclusive, but also provide a perfect, “soft” wrap around the body. This is exactly what our creations dedicated to Mums of weddings are – in jacquard.

Ekskluzywne suknie i sukienki dla mamy i teściowej wesela - De Marco polska luksusowa marka odzieżowa

At our Atelier De Marco and through the De Marco online shop – we offer beautiful, jacquard creations not only for weddings that will attract admiring glances and make you feel special and beautiful.

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Unique styling for the De Marco wedding for the mother of the bride or groom

In addition to the many advantages of jacquard fabric, it is worth remembering the unique body shaping possibilities offered by jacquard creations. This material beautifully wraps the figure, while at the same time giving great possibilities in realising the designer’s vision. Jacquard presents itself particularly beautifully in fancy designs, with cuts reminiscent of royal dresses or coats. A jacquard blouson dress or a dignified stand-up collar on a jacket will delight like no other.

Najpiękniejsze ekskluzywne garsonki wizytowe dla mamy wesela. De Marco szycie na miarę on-line

Jacquard is a fabric that perfectly shapes the figure. The Tamara suit, chosen by our wonderful customer Zdenka Bialkova, emphasises an exceptionally shapely figure, accentuates the shoulder line and, thanks to the maxi length and metallic shine of the fabric, looks elegant both as a daytime and evening outfit.

We would like to thank Zdenko Bialkova for taking advantage of our offer and for sending us beautiful photographs from your wedding ceremony. We send a big hug to you and your family and wish you continued success in life.


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