Eleganckie sukienki z jedwabiu naturalnego. Najmodniejsze sukienki jedwabne na wyjątkowe okazje

Exclusive natural silk dresses.

De Marco Exclusive dresses in natural silk.

Wearing silk is a completely unique experience. It cannot be mistaken for any other material. What is its uniqueness? Are silk creations worth their price? What are the most fashionable silk dresses this season?

Exclusive wedding reception dress by Gracjana II,
designed for the Mother of the Bride.
Feminine and delicate combination of a classic pencil dress
with an ethereal silk shawl with a stand-up collar.

Silk dresses. A testimony to the tailor’s craftsmanship

Silk dresses – or those in which silk plays one of the main roles – are a dream for women, regardless of age or professional status. Silk creations are a kind of synonym for luxury and ultimate elegance. And for good reason. What makes silk so desirable and at the same time considered a luxury material? Certainly one of the primary reasons for its popularity, is the fact that the fabric is exceptionally smooth, soft and delightfully pleasant to the touch. This makes wearing it, a one-of-a-kind experience. The price of silk creations is certainly also influenced by the time-consuming process of creating this noble fabric and the specifics of working with it.

Creations with silk are a unique experience. They awaken the senses, act on the imagination.
Because of what sensations accompany the wearing of this noble fabric – our appearance also changes. Silk dresses and gowns allow us to bring out our classic beauty and harmony.
In the photo: Exclusive dress for weddings, balls, banquets – Nunilona II with silk shawl with stand-up collar.

Sewing a dress or blouse in silk requires really high tailoring skills, at practically every stage of production. Natural silk is a material that requires total focus precisely on working with it, and at the same time a lot of experience and skill. However, the amount of energy and heart put into this fabric always pays off, in the form of an absolutely phenomenal creation.

An exceptional fabric, it requires exceptional treatment and a lot of experience.
Silk dresses, like the luxury 100% silk Sybilla wedding dress
are an extremely time-consuming creation, but the result is definitely worth the effort.

The unique properties of silk. Silk creations from a Polish manufacturer.

De Marco Exclusive dresses in natural silk

Silk fabric is distinguished from other fabrics by its properties, which make wearing silk dresses or other garments, not only enjoyable but can also have therapeutic properties. Many women nowadays struggle with a high degree of skin sensitivity, and the fabrics worn have a major impact on the condition of the skin. Silk styling is certainly the best possible choice. This is because silk is a non-irritating fabric, thanks to its antibacterial properties, which controls body temperature and removes any excess moisture. Natural silk is anti-static – it does not concentrate dust mites and dust from the environment.

The long Anatolia evening gown beautifully showcases shapely feminine curves.
Silk shawl intricately trimmed with Swarovski stones,
provides a unique experience and true elegance.

A silk dress not just for a lavish party. Silk styles for weddings, banquets and …garden parties

Elegant dresses in natural silk.

Silk dresses are certainly creations perfectly suited to a variety of lavish parties, banquets or balls. Silk wraps and flows around the figure, giving the creation a phenomenal, romantic character. The silk fabric works phenomenally on the silhouette while dancing – creating a dignified, sublime aura.

Iga silk dress for summer is a romantic, glamorous dress sewn in Poland from 100% silk. A styling for the discerning, which will impress with its form and incomparable to any other fabric – comfort.

The Sybilla silk dress brings out the most beautiful in a woman’s figure and every movement,what is most beautiful.

Although silk creations are rightly associated with a kind of luxury, it is worth remembering that it is not a fabric reserved only for the most formal, prestigious occasions. Silk styles are also perfect for less formal occasions – such as a garden party, a meeting with friends or a romantic dinner for two.

Exclusive long silk gown for the mother of the wedding. Evening dress Daniela – De Marco online shop.

Elegant royal style dress for mother of the bride or groom. De Marco online shop Luxury dress with silk shawl by Gracjan.

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