Najmodniejsza sukienka na wesele dla Mamy Pary Młodej.

The most fashionable wedding dress for the Mum of the bride and groom.

Wedding set Macarena dress with jacket for the Mother of the Bride and Groom.

A Child’s wedding and reception dress should stand out for its elegance and unique, timeless style. So what should you wear to your baby’s blessing, wedding and reception to look stunning while feeling truly comfortable? Here is the most fashionable dress for Mum and Mother-in-Law that will last for years to come.

The Macarena III wedding cocktail dress with Imga jacket, is the perfect example of a creation for the Mom of the bride and groom to look dignified and chic in. Regardless of the occasion, whether it’s the Blessing, the church service itself or a crazy party late into the night – Macarena III will wrap you up in comfort while providing a spectacular look.
In the picture: our wonderful Client – Mrs Anna Karwowska in Macarena III set with jacket..

A luxurious wedding creation for Mum. Classic elegance

When looking for an outfit for a Wedding Mum, it’s a good idea to go for tried-and-tested, classic creations. Experimental cuts and colours are best left for events of lesser stature – on this day, classic cuts will work best, which may not be distinguished by bold colour or avant-garde lines, but just elegance, chic and class – which we certainly expect from the Mother of the Bride and Groom on such an important day. The classic cut of the set or ensemble, will give us peace of mind, so that you can get on with making sure the ceremony goes ahead and supporting your child with your presence and a kind word if necessary.

The Macarena III set with the matching Imga jacket,
is one of the most fashionable and popular of our dedicated Wedding Mom offerings. And for good reason. The exclusive, classic line of the heavily flared cocktail dress, builds up the silhouette wonderfully, masking the areas we don’t want to overexpose.

The most fashionable wedding dress for Mom of the bride and groom complete with jacket. Beautiful cotton jacquards and an unfussy stylish cut by De Marco.

Elegant bridal and wedding set for Mum. The perfect creation for a Wedding Mum

One of the most popular sets dedicated to weddings among our clients – it combines everything we expect from a perfect creation for a special celebration. The Macarena III cocktail dress is characterised by a beautiful line in the style of the biggest stars. Macarena III is a heavily flared dress which, even in the case of women with figures with rather weak hips, allows the proportions to be evened out, achieving the desired “hourglass” effect. On the other hand, if our complex is characterised by more pronounced hips or massive thighs – our Macarena III dress will conceal them beautifully. Short sleeves, a discreet neckline and a chic mid-calf or maxi length of the dress, as well as a very elegant jacket, will make our dress a sign of respect for the traditional ritual, the Faith and the place, even during ceremonies in the Church.Macarena III is also a great, casual creation, which will allow you to have fun at the party without worrying about creases, lack of freedom of movement or too high temperature.

Our client, Ms Anna Karwowska in a De Marco creation. The Macarena III wedding dress set with jacket,
is a wedding set made for truly special occasions!

The perfect fit to fearlessly enjoy the moment

The most fashionable wedding dress for Mom of the bride and groom

All our creations, thanks to the servicemade-to-measure, in addition to the highest quality materials and unique designs from the hand of designer Władysława Frączek – are characterised by a perfect fit. We go to great lengths to ensure that everything – whether it is the length of the sleeve, the dress or the waistline – perfectly suits your needs.
So why not already now book an appointment at our salon and place yourself in our experienced hands.

We would like to thank you, Ms Anna Karwowska, for your trust and permission to publish your image. We are delighted to be able to take part in this happiest day for your family through the creation prepared for you!

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Agata Duda’s latest creations. First Lady in a dress from De Marco.


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