Ekskluzywny płaszcz do sukni wieczorowej De Marco jedyna tak marka w Polsce i Europie. Najpiękniejsze królewskie stylizacje szyte na miarę

Exclusive sheath dress for mother of the bride or groom

Exclusive sheath dress for mother of the wedding De Marco elegantly for son/daughter wedding

Exclusive sheath dress for mum

Autumn wedding glamour for the mother of the bride or groom finds its expression in carefully considered dress and coat ensembles. When creating the perfect looks for autumn weddings, the choice of dress and the right coat is a key part of the perfect styling. The first part of the ceremony taking place in a church or civil office is the moment to present yourself in your outer garments, which is why elegant dress and coat sets become increasingly important.

Exclusive De Marco dress and coat set

When creating unique looks for autumn weddings, a key element is the perfect choice of dress and coat. Exclusive creations are recognised by the harmonious juxtaposition of elements, where the dress and coat form a cohesive whole. The coat plays an important role when we create a first impression, so it is a key element that influences our presentation.

Szykowna rozkloszowana sukienka z długim rękawem

The Urania dress, flared to mid-calf, exudes elegance and is perfect for the various stages of a wedding celebration. Its classic nature means that there is no need to change the dress between the ball and church parts. The light vanilla colour scheme is perfect to brighten and rejuvenate the complexion and pairs beautifully with the jacquard detailing that references the coat, offsetting the summer feel of the dress.

De Marco Exclusive sheath dress for mum

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De Marco plenty of fashion inspiration

Exclusive sheath dress for mum De Marco

The perfect exclusive coat, which we present in the first part of the ceremony, perfectly reflects the autumn aura. Thanks to its special cut, the dress remains intact even after the nuptials. On our online shop you will find other wonderful proposals from De Marco’s exclusive collection, dedicated to the mother and mother-in-law wedding. Exclusive special occasion clothing tailor-made in the De Marco atelier, is an exquisite expression of elegance and uniqueness.


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