Jak ubrać się na wesele w listopadzie ekskluzywne stylizacje dla mamy i teściowej wesela. De Marco Ekskluzywny garnitur damski wieczorowy szyty na miarę

Exclusive women’s evening suits for mums of weddings. De Marco

Luxury women’s evening suits for mums of weddings for their son or daughter’s wedding.

Elegant styling for mother and mother-in-law for autumn and winter weddings reaches a new level of exclusivity with artful women’s suits decorated with feathers and unique floral compositions. These extravagant evening ensembles with trousers will perfectly emphasise a woman’s independence and strength.

Evening women’s suits for mum weddings

What kind of women’s suit slims you down?

Nowadays, women’s suits are becoming fashionable not only for work, but also as elegant ensembles for weddings. However, it is worth bearing in mind that not every style shown on the catwalk is perfectly suited to a mature woman.

Ekskluzywne garnitury damskie dla mamy wesela zdobione piórami i unikatowymi kompozycjami kwiatowymi.

Before deciding on an exclusive women’s suit, it is advisable to get an honest opinion from a stylist or designer. The creation should be tailored to emphasise the feminine curves and achieve a slimming effect, and the choice of cut must suit our figure. The cut and length of the jacket and the width of the trousers must be well adapted to our figure.

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Colour of women’s evening suit and beauty type

When choosing a colour, we should be guided by the compatibility with our beauty type.

For the “Spring” type, we suggest soft, illuminating shades. “Summer” suits intense colours such as red, orange, and yellow. The “autumn” type harmonises with earthy colours and muted shades. In contrast, “winter” looks good in cool, saturated tones.

Creams, blacks, beiges and greys are versatile and suit virtually every beauty type. Choosing the right shade is important here.

Wieczorowe garnitury damskie De Marco Ekskluzywna odzież damska SZYCIE NA MIARĘ on-line

De Marco’s creations are tailor-made exclusive womenswear, which guarantees not only a perfect fit, but also takes into account individual preferences and silhouette characteristics. Created with passion, these unique styles will allow every mother and mother-in-law to shine at her son or daughter’s wedding.

De Marco luxury Polish clothing brand. Fashionable women’s evening suits made to measure online.

De Marco Elegant women’s evening suits made-to-measure at De Marco Fashion Showroom.

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