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Exclusive women’s suits for the 2022 wedding.

Exclusive women’s suits for weddings. Luxury outfits with trousers summer/fall 2022

A women’s suit is certainly an original and surprising choice of wedding outfit for some. Meanwhile, if well-chosen – it is a styling that will not only draw the attention of other guests, but also bring out the most beautiful things in us – confidence, femininity and strong character. Here are the most fashionable women’s suits for weddings in the spring/summer 2022 season.

The Exclusive Siena I women’s suit, is the perfect creation for a wedding,
for both Mum and guest –
combining masculine strength, with feminine delicacy and sensuality.

Women’s suit for wedding – masculine inspiration, captivating femininity

Women’s suits are one of the most fashionable trends at the moment – and rightly so. Although ostensibly a suit emphasises features commonly associated with the masculine nature – courage, decisiveness, self-confidence – a styling based on a feminine suit often turns out to be extremely feminine and sensual. The key is certainly to choose the right cut and colour, according to our figure, its strengths and the type of colour we present.Characteristic accessories, in the form of original shoes or jewellery, for example, can prove helpful.

The right look built around a women’s suit for a wedding,
will make us feel confident and uniquely feminine.
In the picture: Ellen women’s suit in a warm mustard colour.

A stunning creation for a wedding – the Lamassu evening suit,
is a guarantee of a phenomenal, refined appearance for special celebrations.

Women’s trousers – not just for weddings

The strength of women’s suits is certainly their ease of styling. Adding a bolder, shiny or lace trimmed blouse to a set of women’s jacket and trousers and complementing it with unique, very feminine accessories – we will create a unique styling for a wedding or other important formal events.At the same time, complementing the trousers with a white shirt blouse and neutral coloured pumps, we will create a beautiful business set or creation for the office.

White women’s suit. Perfect for your own wedding and beyond….White women’s suit. Perfect for your own wedding and beyond….

A special place among women’s suits is certainly given to those in shades of white. Traditionally, of course, as a guest, we avoid white and its shades in our outfits. Traditionally, white is the colour of the bride on this day. So beautiful women’s suits in creamy white – such as the luxurious Blanka women’s suit – will work best for your own wedding party, for a bold, confident bride, also in her mature age.
With success, however, a set in shades of white can also be worn to a wedding as a guest. In such a situation, however, it is worth taking care not to be associated with the bride – complementing the look with darker or distinctively coloured accessories, especially the blouse.

The Blanka women’s pantsuit will work great as
the main creation for a civil wedding for the bride, but also
as a second styling for the wedding, after the formal part.

Our suits in a shade of white, can easily be used as a base, for an equally elegant styling for a wedding as a guest. Combining the Blanka women’s suit trousers or the Eleonora , withthe Rossa short blazer, will build a unique styling, in which, for example, the Mom of the Wedding can successfully wear.

Mum of the bride and groom in a women’s suit. A styling unlike any other

The Wedding Mum is a special guest for the bride and groom and definitely, as the second most important person at the Wedding – she should stand out. At the same time, there are a lot of demands on the styling for the Mom of the newlyweds – the creations must not only be beautiful, but also comfortable. The trouser certainly meets all needs, allowing you to present yourself dignified and very elegantly, while at the same time feeling simply comfortable throughout the ceremony.

The Women’s Nineveh III suit is styling perfect for a wedding – especially for the Mum of the bride and groom.

The beautiful, classic high waisted trouser cut combined with the hand embellished lace, sequins and ostrich feather – asymmetrically fastened women’s jacket, gives you a styling for your wedding and reception, of exceptional style. The use of a high-quality, breathable and crease-resistant, yet extremely pleasant to the touch – refined viscose blend, allows you to feel really comfortable all night long.

The Women’s suit for wedding and other celebrations Hilaria V
is an example of the most fashionable styling for the spring/summer 2022 season.

What to wear to a wedding during bereavement? Wedding dress and bereavement

Life writes its own scripts, so it sometimes happens that a wedding to which we were previously invited falls through after the sudden death of someone close to us. In such a situation, of course, due to the bereavement we carry, we may resign from participating in the reception itself. It is worth remembering, however, that if, despite everything, we want to participate in this very important day for the Newlyweds, we can choose a creation in which we will delicately mark our mourning. Women’s suits may be ideal for such an occasion. It is enough to choose a calm, dignified cut of trousers, and due to the joyful nature of the ceremony in which we participate – brighten it up a little, for example by juxtaposing black with the noble colour of “old” gold.

The Fortuna’s exquisite women’s suit is a great style
for prestigious events, balls or galas.
Exceptionally well, it will also work as a creation for a wedding in the shadow of mourning.

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