Bombshell evening dress. Made-to-measure by De Marco

The key to a spectacular look is a well-chosen creation, directly created for your beauty type and figure. How do you choose the right sensual dress for an evening out? Here is the bombshell dress from our Atelier’s tailor-made range. A versatile creation for many body types.

The magic of bespoke sewing

Professional tailoring.

In every type of silhouette, we can find features that it will be good to skilfully conceal by choosing the right cut of the creation. Tailor-made design and sewing is extremely helpful in this procedure. Thanks to such a service, we can not only obtain professional advice from a stylist or designer based on their vast experience, but also create together a creation that will meet our, even the most demanding, needs. Sometimes it is good to put ourselves in the hands of a specialist who will look at our figure in a completely new and fresh way, and treat our fashion needs holistically – because what we are going to wear – in order to look great – must result not only from our figure type or beauty, but also our personality and attitude to life.

Exposing the qualities of the figure is not enough. The creation must reflect the personality of the woman, so that she feels comfortable in it and has a sense of beauty.
Our wonderful client, Ms Regina Wesołowska, is a perfect example.
Her creation – a bombshell evening dress, prepared in the option of bespoke sewing,
not only emphasises the waist and deliberately adds curves in the lower parts –
to make the figure look even more feminine.The
beautifully shiny fabric is also a reflection of her feisty character,
which she stands out in company.

The bomber dress – an almost universal creation

The bombshell dress, made to order in our Atelier De Marco, is a creation that will serve many figure types.

Cocktail dress for a pear shape

Women who represent silhouettes with more accentuated thighs, hips or bottom, are often convinced that they have to wear “baggy”, bulky outfits, which simply cover up everything, including all their (numerous) assets. Meanwhile, ladies with more massive lower body parts, i.e. pear-shaped, celadon or bowlegged figures, for example, are the owners of an extremely feminine, sensual silhouette. So what should ladies with pear-shaped figures achieve with their clothes? To even out proportions by optically broadening the shoulders, clearly emphasising the waist and at the same time discreetly hiding more massive body parts. This is certainly possible with the tailor-made cocktail dress.

A creation for women with a columnar figure

A bombshell dress will also definitely work for ladies whose figure is characterised by a rather small waistline – a figure often referred to as the column or brick type. In this case, it is advisable to opt for dresses that help to even out the proportions and focus attention on the waist. Our made-to-measure bombshell dress, with its clearly accentuated waistline and typically wide lower part, optically slims the waistline and restores the desired proportions.

Bomber dress as a cure for broader shoulders

The bombshell cut will also have a beneficial effect on the cup-shaped figure, where the shoulders are naturally wider than the hips. With a made-to-measure bombshell dress, you will optically reduce the width of your shoulders, placing a clear accent on your hips and bottom. This type of cut will definitely give us a girlish charm and sensual femininity.

Bombshell evening dress made-to-measure in our Atelier De Marco,
is a universal creation which will serve not only pear or celadon figures,
but also proportional figures, This is not only suitable for pear and celadon figures,
but also for proportional figures, such as our dear customer,
whose silhouette is even more feminine and sensuous.

We would like to thank you for your trust and for the opportunity to present the photographs of the esteemed Ms Regina Wesołowska.

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