De Marco luksusowa polska marka odzieżowa. Sklep internetowy z ubraniami dobrej jakości. Top 1 Żakardy w stylizacjach luksusowych.

Fashion trend 2024 Jacquards in exclusive womenswear. De Marco luxury Polish brand

Fashion trend 2024 Visiting dresses, modern suits and fashionable suits for women De Marco

Exclusive formal styles using jacquard make exceptional choices for mum and mother-in-law weddings, blessings and award galas, business galas, and other special occasions for the autumn season.

Trendu modowe 2024 Wizytowe sukienki, nowoczesne garsonki i modne garnitury damskie De Marco

Modern suits and elegant formal dresses or modern women’s suits perfectly reflect the special nature of these moments, being the perfect choice for a woman 40+, 50+, 60+

Women’s suits consisting of a jacket, high-waisted trousers and a jacquard waistcoat are the perfect choice for weddings, business galas, christenings, communions and other formal and state occasions. Even the increasingly popular women’s suits are becoming an excellent choice for public speeches or cultural events.

Fashion trend 2024 Visiting dresses, modern suits and fashionable suits for women De Marco

Najpiękniejsze garsonki, kostiumy damskie, garnitury damskie, sukienki wizytowe szyte na miarę w Salonie Mody De Marco. Luksusowa kreacja dla matki wesela

Timeless jacquard is a material of extraordinary charm that goes well with formal styles. Its uniqueness comes from its expensive manufacturing process, which makes it not widely available in mass-produced garments. It is a fabric that exudes exclusivity and elegance.

Thanks to its structure, jacquard goes perfectly with monochrome styling, adding subtle accents and a luxurious touch. The practicality of this fabric, and the fact that it is not prone to creasing or warping, makes it an ideal choice for celebrations where we need to hold the cut until the last guest.\nYes, it’s a great choice for any event.

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Timeless jacquard! Creations for galas, corporate events, etc.

Nietuzinkowe stylizacje szyte na miarę w De Marco. Eleganckie sukienki, komplety ze spodniami i spódnicami na imprezy firmowe i na wesele

Perfect for minimalist, elegant creations, jacquard allows us to maintain a unique look without excessive glamour. These creations emphasise our status, class and a high level of culture and developed aesthetic sense.

De Marco formal dresses, suits and ensembles with skirts or trousers made to measure for every figure. In our designer atelier we offer design and bespoke tailoring, tailoring creations to individual needs and beauty types. We invite you toour online shop, to find even more fashion inspiration for such special occasions as galas, weddings or university inaugurations.


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