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Fashionable dresses in shades of grey for Mum’s Wedding. Unique formal creations for your wedding in September

Fashionable dresses in shades of grey for Mum’s Wedding. Unique formal creations for your wedding in September

Grey, ash, silver. These are universal, classic, elegant colours that never go out of fashion. They make it possible to build exclusive styles for the wedding, both for a lover of the classics and for a woman who feels good in sets that boldly and daringly break the patterns. Here are the most fashionable formal dresses for Mum, perfect for a wedding in September.

Elegant formal dresses for autumn.

Elegant Nila sleeve dress. The most fashionable women’s midi styles for weddings and beyond.

De Marco professional bespoke tailoring. Fashionable dresses for Mum Weddings 2023

The Nila formal dress is a beautiful wedding styling option for Mom of the bride and groom. The muted colour scheme of light ash, the beautifully chic cut of the flared dress and the elbow-length sleeves – will allow you to present yourself elegantly, tastefully and appropriately for the occasion, including during the ceremonies at the Church.

Fashionable and timeless. The most fashionable wedding hairstyles for the Mom of the bride and groom

It is well known that when it comes to the colour scheme of the creation, all colours are available, with the exception of white and black. The former is customarily assigned to the bride, while black is the colour of mourning. Looking for an alternative to these classic, universal colours, consider wedding styling in shades of grey. Ashes, greys and silver – this is a colour scheme that is sure to please lovers of classic, muted formal outfits. Elegant flared dress with Lilla sleeves

Grey is a colour that symbolises steadiness, maturity, prudence. It is definitely also a colour associated with balance, calm and tranquillity. All this makes dresses in shades of grey a great choice for the Mother of the Bride and Groom – the one who, on this special day, should be a unique support and source of peace for her children.

Fashionable dress for a wedding in the autumn SHOP De Marco

The combination of light ash and white – as in the case of the elegant Lilla formal dress – makes for great styling for a wedding for Mum, whether in a classic version or a bolder one – paired with accessories such as raspberry red or fuchsia.

Formal dresses in shades of grey – for whom?

Grey, ash and silver are colours in which every woman can look beautiful and elegant. It is important to complement the look with the right accessories that help build character while enhancing the beauty. Shades of grey are particularly suitable for women with a cool skin tone, but the skilful use of colour in combination with grey gives really spectacular effects, no matter what type of beauty we represent. Elegant pencil-sleeved dress

Beautiful ash dress with trendy poofs on the sleeves. The elegant asymmetrical pencil hemline beautifully emphasises the hip line. Grey styles sometimes need to be cheered up with colour accents, as in this case with a fuchsia-coloured pin and a beautiful stone pendant.

Elegant formal dress by Narina.

Wedding in glamour style! Long evening gowns for the mother of the bride/groom.

Long evening gown with beautiful unique jacket perfect styling for the mother of the wedding for a regal ball.

The most fashionable long wedding dresses for the mother of the bride and groom, Polish De Marco dresses.

Exclusive jacquard Paula gown.
Exceptional, refined creation with an original, royal cut.
Mother of the Wedding will look particularly glamorous in it at a glamour party.

De Marco elegant dresses sewn in Poland! The Polish designer and owner of the luxury clothing brand invites you to see the latest collection of exclusive women’s clothing.

Władysława Frączek popular Polish stylist and designer of exclusive women’s clothing.

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