Colours for blondes …and beyond. Exclusive Augustina blue formal set

De Marco set, women’s suits and costumes. Exclusive sky blue formal setBlue, like any colour, has many shades among which there is something for everyone. As a cool colour, it looks best on women with a cool colour type. It suits blondes perfectly, enhancing their subtle, almost angelic beauty, although brunettes, for example, can look equally beautiful in it. How to manage blue wisely when building your image? How do we determine what type of beauty we are? Here are some tips for women with a cool colour type.

Our client, Member of the Board of the Małopolska Region, Ms Iwona Gibas is definitely the style icon of Małopolska. She knows how to build her image efficiently through her styling, subtly emphasise her beauty and always look stylish.
In the photo: at the Provincial 30th Anniversary Celebration of the State Fire Brigade in Chrzanów, in a blue Augustina formal set.


The magic of the colour blue. Fashionable business and formal colours.

The colour blue is a beautiful colour, definitely associated with the beauty of nature around us. It brings to mind not only the blue of the summer sky, but also the power of water – rivers, seas and oceans. The colour blue is a colour that symbolises purity, trust and intelligence. People wearing it are seen as competent, creative and insightful.

Beauty type and the colour blue in styling.

Fashionable colours for blondes and brunettes.

Knowing your beauty type is extremely helpful when planning your wardrobe. Whether for a casual outfit such as a meeting with close friends or an important business meeting, choosing outfits based on the colours that suit your type can make decisions much easier, with great results. In order to determine your colour palette accurately, it is of course advisable to enlist the help of a professional stylist, who can carry out a colour analysis based on experience.If we want to predetermine which colours suit us best, it is best to start by clarifying the basics – i.e. whether we are a cold (cool) or warm colour type.

The most fashionable business colour for women.

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How do we determine for ourselves – what colour type we are?

In order to determine at home whether we represent a warm or cold colour type, we can carry out a basic home analysis. To do this, we need, for example, a cloth in gold and silver. Placing it on your face so that it best covers your neckline and shoulders, take a close look at the reflection in the sunlight. If we look better in gold, our complexion appears clearer, more rested, free of blemishes etc. – we are the warm type. The same applies to silver. If we look better in silver, we are more likely to be cool (cold type).It is also helpful to see which type of jewellery we look and feel better in – gold (warm type) or silver (cold type).

Mrs Iwona Gibas – in the Augustina formal set in a beautiful, cool light blue colour. The Augustina formal set consists of a tastefully styled jacket and a classic midi pencil dress in the same colour. The perfect styling for the total look trend.

What to combine light blue, blues and blues with?

What colour goes with blue? Fashionable business and formal colours for women of business, culture, science, art, politics….

People with a cool colour type, especially summer-type ladies – with ‘light’ beauty and blue eyes look phenomenal in blue, especially in its lighter shades. If you want to add some variety to your blue, light blue look, it’s worth remembering that light and cooler or neutral colours will also look great with them. Go bold with pale pink, silver, light green or neutral white.

The Augustina light blue formal set, will look great paired with other cool colours. Match the set with, for example, silver stilettos to break up the overall look.

The right cut in a trendy blue colour

De Marco sets, suits and costumes for women – professional bespoke tailoring – online shop.

When building your image, remember not only to consciously choose the right shades of colour, but also to select cuts that reflect the circumstances, taking into account the needs of your figure.If you’re planning an elegant outfit for an important event or business meeting, plan an outfit that will emphasise your professionalism and competence, while at the same time accentuating the strong points of your figure. For example, if you have a representative function and your figure allows you to do so, choose a jacket with an emphasised shoulder line.

The most fashionable business colour for women.

De Marco sets, suits and costumes for women – professional bespoke tailoring – online shop.

The Augustina formal dress is perfect for a variety of celebrations and occasions where we have important representative functions. The accentuated shoulder line, adds dignity and emphasises professionalism. The dress, which is an integral part of the set, thanks to its classic, feminine line makes the set look beautiful at family celebrations.
In the photo: Member of the Board of Governors of the Malopolska Region – Mrs Iwona Gibas in a creation by Atelier De Marco






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