Najmodniejsze garnitury damskie 2022. Wyjątkowe zestawy marynarki ze spodniami na wyjątkowe okazje

Fashionable women’s suits for weddings and beyond by De Marco

Fashionable women’s suits for wedding 2022 Exceptional blazer sets with trousers for special occasions.

Summer is a time full of special events, both family and professional. The weather is favourable for cultural events, conferences, trade fairs or outdoor parties. What styles should you choose to look spectacular and yet very comfortable? What outfit will be perfect for many occasions and easy to style? Here are our exclusive women’s suits.

Eleonora – exclusive women’s bodice with trousers
in creamy white.

Chic and comfortable. Why wear women’s suits?

Women’s suits are unique creations that offer enormous styling possibilities. Of course, we still associate the suit itself most with the professional, business image, in which the combination of jacket, trousers and the classic white shirt takes the lead. Fortunately, the women’s suit has much more to “offer” us. This traditional suit – especially for the business world – can also be used as an original, stunning outfit for a communion service, wedding or a meeting with authors, or even for the popular ‘City Days’ in summer.It all depends on what elements and accessories we combine the women’s suit with. It can just as easily become a formal and very elegant outfit as it can a casual outfit that is a little bit crazy.

Women’s suits from the diamond collection: Ellen I in beautiful crimson and the mustard Ellen suit – a perfect example of base creations that change with the accessories used.

Women’s white trousers for weddings and beyond

Fashionable women’s suits for weddings

The warmer months of the year prompt us to make changes to our wardrobe. Much more often we opt, in keeping with nature, for styles in bright, fresh colours. White is also an absolute summer hit. It is one of the most versatile and always fashionable colours. The best example of this is the white shirt, which can be worn in a thousand ways to look really chic in both very formal and casual outfits.

View the offer with shirts and blouses: De Marco online shop.

During the summer, it pairs all the more beautifully with tanned skin, making the face look relaxed, radiant and rested.For sure, the white women’s set with trousers is most popular as a classic look for a wedding, especially a civil wedding. It is a wonderful reference to the tradition of the white wedding dress, while allowing for an original and modern creation.

Extremely casual yet chic and elegant Kayl women’s trouser.
Complete the white Kayl women’s set with accessories in intense, energetic colours to give the trouser a completely different character and energy.

The Miranda III wedding suit, although it is rightly associated primarily with wedding ceremonies and weddings – it can, with the right styling, one day turn into a unique set with trousers, in which we will delight those gathered at a communion, summer party or other cultural event.

White Blanka women’s suit – a unique creation for the bride, which hides a real “sea of possibilities”. A modern, bold line definitely made to be based on it – to “play” with fashion, looking for unconventional colour solutions.

Women’s suits 2022 – bold and unconventional sets with trousers

Bold juxtapositions of a very formal, official women’s suit with elements of a decidedly casual wardrobe – can produce truly spectacular effects. The classic model of a women’s suit with trousers looks great in a very elegant version, complemented with stilettos and high-quality, luxurious jewellery.There are times when it’s worth breaking the pattern and trying an unusual styling, in which we combine comfort with casual elegance. This is especially true when attending parties or cultural events in the open air, which are so numerous during the holiday season.

Although stilettos and elegant accessories will beautifully combine with a cobalt Valentina trouser, it is worth trying to style a women’s suit also in a completely different, less obvious style. By replacing stilettos with comfortable shoes, e.g. on a flat heel, and complementing the look with a contrasting, less official blouse – we can surprise with a fresh, scheme-breaking creation.

Hannah’s elegant trousers are great for styling for a Communion or wedding – and more.
Creatively combine elegant with elements of “sporty comfort”. – building sets for less formal events as well. The women’s set with trousers is the perfect opportunity for a real fashion adventure!


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