Stylish suits for summer. The most fashionable outfits with skirt Summer 2022

Stylish suits for summer. The most fashionable outfits with skirt Summer 2022

As well as being a time for relaxation, summer is also the season for many special events, such as weddings, communions and anniversaries. A number of celebrations, festivals and other outdoor events are also planned for the summer. So what to wear for these occasions? It’s worth planning now to buy a high-quality, well-tailored and figure-fitting suit. Here are our summer suggestions for exclusive, lightweight formal outfits with skirt.

Member of the Board of the Małopolska Voivodeship, and our wonderful client – Mrs Iwona Gibas, in an original Livia formal set, during the celebration of the 23rd Harvest Festival of the Małopolska Voivodeship.

Classic summer suit – perfect for work and beyond

A fashionable women’s suit made of high-quality, airy materials – an absolute must-have in a woman’s wardrobe! A women’s formal dress with skirt is a versatile style that can always be worn to work to look elegant and appropriate for the job. The classic plain suit is also ideal for all kinds of outdoor events, important speeches, festivals and celebrations. It is definitely a guarantee of an impeccable, classy image.

The Beautiful, sleek Arletta II suit, would be perfect for public appearances or celebrations as well as special family occasions.

Our beautiful client, Ms. Iwona Gibas, knows perfectly well how to always look fresh, radiant and extremely chic even during the demanding hot days.
In the photo: during the traditional celebration of the 23rd Harvest Festival of the Lesser Poland Voivodeship in a vanilla Livia formal suit from our Atelier..

The perfect formal ensemble for summer. What to look for when choosing a summer suit?

There are events, especially outdoors, which, although formal, do not strictly require formal dress in the typical business casual style. So if you want to look chic and elegant and at the same time emphasise your femininity and individuality more clearly – a suit with an unusual line or a more intense colour – will be the ideal choice.

It is worth remembering that, although we associate winter as a period of heavier styling choices due to the multitude of necessary elements resulting from the low temperatures – summer is a truly demanding time. The characteristically hot weather requires us to choose our outfits so that we look flawless all day, in the heat. The ideal formal ensemble for summer must therefore not only be breathable and comfortable, but also crease-resistant.

The stylish, original Arletta formal suit, is distinguished by its beautiful, energetic colour and extremely feminine line. Styling on the basis of the suit with the Arletta skirt will be a great choice for important outdoor events, where we can allow ourselves a little deviation from the usual dress code. This ladies’ formal set, consisting of a short ladies’ jacket with 3/4 sleeves and a fancy pencil skirt with a ruffle – is also an ideal creation for a Wedding Mother or Godmother.

Elegant suit with pencil skirt Livia, in a gorgeous peach colour. The Livia women’s summer costume, provides comfort, breathability and a chic, elegant look. Thanks to the use of a high-quality viscose blend, the formal set not only works and shapes beautifully on the silhouette, but also – provides resistance to creases, even during really hot days.

How to dress for an outdoor concert or City Days? Comfort and elegance.

If you are attending a garden party, a cultural event outdoors or, for example, a city day or harvest festival, it is advisable to opt for classic solutions.A great styling suggestion in this case is the summer lightweight women’s costume or formal summer suit. In order to make a clear statement with your personality and also to relate to the beauty of the season – we recommend opting for a formal set in bright colours. Not only will such a choice make us look more rested and relaxed, but it will certainly work better in the sunshine than sets in darker colours.

Stylish suits for summer. The most fashionable outfits with skirt Summer 2022

The smooth summer Trini suit is a great styling not only for Communion or Christenings,but also for formal outdoor celebrations.

The Livia bright suit with pencil skirt, selected by Ms Iwona Gibas is the perfect choice for important outdoor events. Grace and class combined with exceptional comfort is a guarantee of success!

The featured suits for summer and other styles for Summer 2022,
can be ordered directly from our De Marco shop.

Many thanks for the opportunity to present the photos, to our wonderful client, the Honourable Ms Iwona Gibas.

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