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How to dress for a wedding in October? Autumn wedding trends from De Marco

How to dress for a wedding in October? The most fashionable styles from the designer.

Weddings held in September or October are an increasingly observed destination. It avoids the really strenuous heat of summer, while still allowing you to take advantage of the nice weather. But how should you dress for a wedding and reception in October? What colours for an early autumn wedding will be appropriate? Today we’re outlining the autumn wedding trends for September-October 2022.

A captivating set – navy blue with ecru as the centrepiece

How to dress for a wedding in October and September? De Marco’s exclusive women’s clothing, timeless elegant ensembles with skirts, dresses suits and women’s costumes.

Navy blue, still associated by many with school uniforms, can certainly be mysterious and sensual. When combined with the right colours, it gives a styling for a wedding that surprises with its classic simplicity, while carrying an electrifying mystery. Such is the set of just our jacket and skirt Maudia III..

Maudia III wedding suite in autumn – a short ecru jacket with jeweled buttons paired with an elegant, airy pleated maxi skirt in sensual navy blue.

This is definitely a styling suggestion for a wedding in September or October, for women who know that wardrobe classics are a recipe for a successful styling that will impress the attendees. The combination of a short jacket in an elegant ecru colour with an ethereal, very feminine pleated maxi skirt, complemented by a see-through layer of tulle in the same colour.

The Maudia III pleated skirt jacket is a great look for a wedding in September or October. The extremely chic colour duo will allow you to make your presence clearly known and arouse admiration among the attendees.

Exclusive low-cut dress

How to dress for a wedding in October?

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The elegant Demeter dress with a low waistline is a fashionable proposition for women who are not afraid of original, eye-catching cuts and combinations. It is reminiscent of the great 1920s, when unconventional maxi dresses prevailed, breaking the previous patterns of women’s fashion.

Low-cut dress for a wedding in September, October – Demeter.

The Demeter dress recruits attention not only with its original line, but also with the accessories decorating the bottom of the creation – transparent mesh with sewn-in 3D flowers adds a charming touch, perfectly fitting for a wedding organised in the style of the films Chicago, Avator or The Great Gatsby.

The low-cut waist, so characteristic of 1920s fashion, is particularly suitable for women whose figure resembles a boyish figure. If you dream of an hourglass figure, but lack clear feminine curves, the low-cut cut will mask the lack of a waistline while optically widening the hips. The 1920s-style maxi dress is also ideal for women with an apple shape, subtly masking the extra weight in the stomach area.

An elegant long coat to go with an evening gown will accentuate the high-end styling.

Exclusive dress and coat set The perfect set for weddings, anniversaries, christenings and other important celebrations

An insanely fashionable pleated bottom dress also with a lowered bodice.

Elegant navy blue Roma dress available at De Marco online shop

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