Kolory mają moc. Pomarańczowy żakiet De Marco w ofercie szycia na miarę

Colours have power. De Marco’s orange blazer on offer for bespoke tailoring

De Marco orange jacket. Fashionable intense colours 2022 – 2023

Choosing the right colour to style is of great importance to the image we create. Even when we don’t realise it – the colours we wear have a big influence on how we are perceived by those around us. It is therefore worth choosing the colours that will work for you, in addition to the cuts that suit your body type.

In our, available bespoke stitching orange jacket,
Mrs Iwona Gibas – Member of the Management Board of the Małopolska Region,
appeared at the Harvest Festival celebrations in the Municipality of Polanka Wielka.

Orange. The colour of joy and vitality

Among other colours, orange definitely stands out for the enormous amount of energy it carries. As a derivative of red and yellow, it is a very lively colour, evoking playfulness, joy and a stimulus to action. In styling, orange supports the image of a person who is bold, optimistic, warm and open to others.

Member of the Board of the Małopolska Region – Ms Iwona Gibas, during the Harvest Festival celebrations in the municipality of Polanka Wielka, styled on the basis of a fitted jacket by De Marco,
available inthe bespoke sewing offer.
Orange is the colour of joy, which is great for outdoor gatherings, for example, supporting the image of a person who is extremely open, sociable and optimistic about going through life.

Fashionable orange. Ideal for summer

De Marco orange jacket. Fashionable intense colours 2022 – 2023

The colour orange is a colour we strongly associate with a time of joyful relaxation. It’s no surprise, then, that its popularity grows in popularity, especially during the summer period. It’s worth taking advantage of the power of orange in our hairstyles, as it helps us to be seen as extremely sociable and open. Even in less formal situations, where we have a representative function, orange as an element of our outfit will inspire a willingness to act and a courage to make a difference, while at the same time bridging the gap with the audience.

The trendy orange colour as a styling element, emphasises openness and sociability.In the photo: Our wonderful client Ms Iwona Gibas, in Krynica Zdrój, during the European Running Festival.

Orange as an element of confidence and vitality. It’s a practical treatment especially if you have a responsible social function.

Elegant orange styling is a great choice when acting as a ‘special guest’.

An elegant formal jacket in the most fashionable intense colour is perfect for celebrations where we need to be noticed.

What to wear with De Marco orange jacket

For orange to look good in a style, it should be used in moderation and skilfully combined with other colours. For elegance and subtlety, it can be teamed with classic black, grey or navy blue.

Ms Iwona Gibas, at the European Running Festival, appeared in an orange blazer with original sleeves, which she juxtaposed with a classic, pleated maxi skirt in navy blue.

Orange goes well with a bold combination straight from nature – green. To calm the style down a bit, orange can be combined with white or beige.

Orange with muted white is an extremely effective, energetic combination.source: malopolska.pl






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