Jaka sukienka na wesele jako mama? Najpiękniejsze stylizacje dla matki weselnej na uroczystość we wrześniu i październiku

How to dress for a wedding in September? Trendy wedding styles for autumn 2023

How to dress for a wedding in September?

September is not only the month of the start of a new school year, but more often than not the start of truly autumnal weather. So how to dress for a wedding and reception when the temperature is getting lower and the evenings are already very chilly? What formal attire for autumn celebrations? What will be fashionable this autumn? Here are Polish fashionable dresses and formal sets perfect also for ladies 40+50+60, for the autumn 2023 season.

How to dress for a wedding in September? The most beautiful autumn styles for mum and mother-in-law weddings.

Classic, extremely refined and elegant formal outfits – dedicated to the autumn 2023 season. Not only are the exquisitely elegant cuts worthy of note, but also the stunning trims and accessories. Dresses and skirt sets available in our Atelier, both as made-to-measure option and through our online shop, are perfect proposals for autumn styling, dedicated to ladies 40+50+60+. In the picture: a minimalist and dignified formal set – a jacket with a pleated skirt Maudia III, a beautiful dress for a wedding, in a retro style with a lowered talia Demeter and a luxurious set of light autumn formal coat complete with dress in sensual navy blue – Atlanta.

What to wear to a wedding in autumn? Trendy styles for a wedding in September/October from Polish manufacturer De Marco

When completing the styling for a wedding ceremony planned for September or October, there are certainly a few important aspects to consider. First of all, the weather – which at the beginning of September can be capricious, often characterised not only by precipitation, but also by much lower temperatures. Therefore, it is advisable to choose dresses, suits or formal ensembles with longer sleeves – maxi or 3/4 sleeves.With the onset of autumn chills and changing conditions, heavily lined or very short creations may be met with bewilderment and negativity. It would be much better for an autumn wedding to “bet” on classic, simple cuts – drawing attention not with tempting cut-outs, but, for example, with striking, stylish accessories.

How to dress for a wedding in September? What creations are in fashion. Dress coats, long sleeve dresses and women’s sets with skirt for a wedding for mother of the bride or groom. Unique styles for the mum of the wedding.

Autumn styling for elegant women 40+50+60+ should be distinguished by style and captivating, refined finishes and accessories – enhancing the prestige of the outfit. A perfect example of this are our wedding-dedicated stylings, designed by Władysława Frączek.

Among the fashionable suggestions for a wedding in autumn – in September or October, the classic wedding set with the Maudia III jacket and skirt is not to be missed. The base of this stylish wedding set, dedicated to the Wedding Mum, is a gorgeous navy blue pleated skirt with a top layer of light, ethereal tulle. The top of the styling is a perfectly tailored, classic fitted short jacket in ecru. The strength of this gorgeous set is its classic simplicity and attention to detail. A beautiful finishing touch is the jeweled buttons of the jacket, in white gold.

A luxurious set for autumn – dresses with a lightweight Atlanta formal coat, makes for an elegant and stylish styling. It has been designed with the utmost attention to detail. The perfectly tailored formal dress in deep navy blue beautifully emphasises the assets of the silhouette. The double-layered bottom of the creation, with a clear vertical slit – exposing the inner pleated skirt – visually creates a vertical dividing line on the silhouette, slimming it and making it visually slimmer. This effect is also present in the cut of the formal coat – creating a coherent, in terms of both cut and colour, set created directly for the Wedding Mom 2023.

The Exclusive Demeter lowered waist dress, is a wedding creation based on the classic combination of beige and navy blue. The base of the retro-style Demeter flared dress is complemented by lightweight navy blue mesh on the sleeves and as the top material of the skirt. An eye-catching accent is the beautiful hand-sewn sapphire 3D flowers. This gives the look a sensual, mysterious feel. This cut will be perfect especially for ladies, the Wedding Mum, Mother-in-Law – with straight, slim silhouettes, without clearly defined curves. Shifting the accent from the waist to the hips, it will stylishly emphasise them, adding the desired feminine curves.

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Trendy styles for a wedding in September from Polish manufacturer De Marco

As the weather changes to truly autumn, wedding trends are also changing. Energetic, intense colours are being replaced by deep, saturated hues. Among these, dresses or ensembles with skirts in sensual navy blue, mature gemstone colours, burgundy, purples or neutral beiges are by far the most fashionable.

Navy blue is a sensual, refined and extremely dignified colour – which is always suitable for a variety of celebrations and events, both family and professional. Autumn is the perfect time to opt for a figure-slimming navy blue, either in a total look or as a duo with a face-brightening beige or warm white.
The navy blue, stylish Roma wedding dress is a creation full of tempting insinuations and secrets. It is a creation for weddings for autumn, which – despite the cooler weather – are determined to show off the shapely legs in a bolder way. The lowered waist – can be emphasised more clearly with a belt or in the version – without it, only gently move the accent to the hips. Roma is a dress in which a Guest, Godmother, Wedding Mother – with a tall silhouette, also with a clearly shorter body – will look perfect. It’s also perfect for a retro, 1920s-style autumn wedding reception in a Great Gatsby theme.

Complex – Milona jacket with Pladia skirt, monolook version, in deep navy blue. A styling full of sensual mystery and aristocratic elegance. Thanks to the elegance and simplicity of the cut – timeless and universal. The pleated skirt beautifully conceals heavier thighs and, in the case of women without significant curves, shapes the silhouette, creating optical proportions bringing the figure closer to the female ideal of an hourglass. An additional advantage of this style, is its versatility. Both the jacket and skirt can be worn separately for a variety of outfits and occasions.


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